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Do you know how much your last pre-order cost? How much lost or gained pre-sales effort cost you this year? Do you know how to identify the type of contracts won or lost with your conversion rate and cross-check them with the teams that worked on them? All of these are essential questions that few agencies ask themselves today, due to lack of knowledge of the impacts of pre-sales on overall performance. However, this step is crucial: it affects both commercial gains and production modeling, with the aim of gaining resilience so as not to face the wall in case of any problems.

An asset for business performance

Let’s get straight to the point: pre-sales management should be seen first as a tool to judge the profitability of a project. We often look at a budget without taking into account everything we have invested to win the contract, if we win it… Thus, the time spent but also the possible purchases of external services can be attributed to the client and the agency will have a vision of its actual margin. You can also adjust your final proposal, even justify certain prices, or even negotiate tradeoffs. Don’t be scrupulous, every job deserves to be paid!

Provisioning of pre-sales — in time, human and financial resources — will also contribute to consolidating the organization of the structure, which can translate into a balanced distribution of the corresponding expenses and determine, for example, whether the budget will always be shared equally. or different. Pre-sales is particularly useful for accompanying the commercial strategy because it allows rationalizing what is usually done intuitively by leaders. That is, by crossing data (who, what, how much and when), they will be able to mobilize their vital forces in a relevant way and direct the payroll according to the expected gain according to the recorded transformation rate. 🇧🇷 Does this speak to you?

Pre-sales is a compass and a development lever that points out the financial resources to be allocated to reach a new market, or vice versa, to indicate where not to go. In short, it allows you to increase the learning curve and becomes a tool that favors decision-making. Enough of silencing the internal controversies… “Is there a pilot on the plane”?

Better control the future

Thanks to the relationship between pre-sale expenses versus committed production, it is possible to assess the effort required by a customer and modulate budget allocation. Logical to be honest… Having decision-making traceability (who can say how much a pre-sale costs? the direct and indirect costs generated, prospecting costs…) knowing what is spent month by month makes it possible to change weapon if necessary and avoid unpleasant surprises.

And common sense doesn’t stop there! Modeling pre-sales engagement is useful for preparing your teams and distributing the workload fairly, but also knowing if you have enough resources to avoid production delays. On the contrary, if there are few projects in progress, the pre-sales analysis allows you to react with good dispositions and activate the right levers, such as the implementation of marketing actions to defuse a crisis.

This ensures the company’s sustainability, improves its organizational axis and reassures employees. Get off the carts that wear teams down. Less well experienced by the new generations, they also denote a form of laxity that is harmful to the employer brand. But to have reliable earnings forecasts, you need to make sure the data is up to date and ensure an effective control process (notifications, reminders, indicators, graphical markers, etc.). This demonstrates that a suitable device is needed and that pre-sales are not done with a wet finger!

In these uncertain times marked by an unprecedented shortage of talent, keen pre-sales management is proving to be an indispensable asset. If it requires a certain diligence but above all adequate digital functionalities, the game is worth it! Controlled pre-sales allow you to manage your business more serenely and provide it with greater capacity for anticipation. Come to think of it, this shouldn’t even be a topic.

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