Shopify Agency: How to choose safely?

How to choose a Shopify agency? This is certainly the question you’ve asked yourself if you’ve thought about using this popular eCommerce CMS.

Whether you’re a business that already sells online or want to launch your own eCommerce website on Shopify, it’s important to choose a reputable agency to help you succeed. A Shopify eCommerce agency can offer services like website design, online marketing, and social media management to help you achieve your business goals.

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce CMS right now

But how to choose an agency that specializes in the CMS Shopify solution among the many on the market?

Here are 10 tips and questions to ask to help you make the right choice among the best Shopify agencies in France.

What is this agency’s experience in your industry and e-commerce and Shopify in particular?

Make sure the agency has experience in your industry. If you’re a fashion company, for example, choose an agency that has experience in similar businesses. They will understand your industry’s unique challenges and opportunities and will be able to offer expert advice.

What are customer referrals on Shopify?

Ask for references and examples of past projects. Feel free to ask the agency to show you examples of their work. Look at the websites they’ve created and ask clients how they found the experience of working with the agency. This will give you an idea of ​​the quality of your work and your ability to meet your clients’ objectives.

Are past customers happy with Shopify’s agency services?

Check customer ratings and reviews. These days, it’s easy to find eCommerce agency reviews online. Check reviews on sites like Google or Facebook to see what people are saying about the agency. This will give you an idea of ​​the agency’s reputation and its ability to satisfy its clients.

Does the Shopify agency have a good online reputation and are they professional?

Make sure the agency has a good online reputation. In addition to customer reviews, also check the agency’s reputation on social media and online forums. Watch how they communicate and interact with their online audience. This will give you an idea of ​​their professionalism and commitment to their clients.

Does your future Shopify agency have availability?

Make sure the agency has the necessary experience and resources. An ecommerce agency must have the skills and resources to meet your needs. Ask them about their areas of expertise and make sure they have the team and tools to help you achieve your Shopify ambitions.

Does this agency get people talking about it and communicate about its expertise?

Make sure the agency is up to date on the latest trends and technologies in the e-commerce space. The best way to do this is to consult the agency’s blog and conferences to see if they spread awareness.

Even on Shopify, knowledge quickly becomes obsolete and training remains a huge challenge for digital teams.

The budget: the best way to formalize needs and see the scope of the agency to choose!

Essential step in choosing your Shopify agency: Request a detailed quote to assess the cost and value of your services.

Will you get a quick quote without details? A detailed and accurate quote that meets your needs? An off-topic quote? A completely inappropriate quote for your project?

Of course, the more information you give the agency and the more you will usually get a quote that fits your needs and an accurate quote.

Attention, a quote should always be free, but don’t ask for free graphics or models to get an idea of ​​the agency’s work.

Every job requires experience and needs to be paid to be of high quality.

Can they customize Shopify to their needs?

Choosing a high-performing and responsive Shopify agency is good, ensuring that the agency has a personalized approach to each customer and that they are ready to adapt to your unique needs is better!

About this, no secret, in addition to contacting them and exchanging with them to verify this point, it will be difficult to form an opinion. The best thing is to make an appointment and see if they listen to you or if they are trying to sell you a website at all costs.

What is the service provided by the agency after the delivery of the site?

Creating the Shopify website is an important goal, but not the only one! It is also necessary to ensure that the agency offers you support and assistance after launching your e-commerce website.

In fact, there’s no point in migrating to Shopify or building a new merchant website if you don’t have the training and documentation you need to run it properly.

The feeling!

And yes, because after all working with a Shopify agency is also a human story, it is important to choose an agency that you want to work with.

The success of an e-commerce project, but this should be true for any project, remains a human adventure that will require a lot of understanding and communication.

If everything goes well from the start, the important thing is always to win to guarantee a good start.

Now, be careful, the feeling should be a plus and not a goal! Many Shopify agencies are very friendly at the beginning of the project, but you need to validate the other points: expertise, competence, reliability, seriousness, to have a complete and efficient Shopify agency!

Do you have a Shopify agency to recommend?

I’m not necessarily objective because I created a Shopify agency called Agence Pikka that’s based in Paris and Bordeaux:

  • Pikka’s address in Paris: 103 Boulevard de Charonne, 75011 Paris / 01 84 25 92 21
  • Pikka’s address in Bordeaux: 115 Rue Belleville, 33000 Bordeaux / 01 84 25 92 21

You can contact Shopify agency Pikka for e-commerce website creation, website redesign or migration to Shopify. Pikka agency’s goal is to create the best e-commerce websites on Shopify and make it your best ally for your growth.

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