Quest for health, the Grand-Est incubator dedicated to health start-ups


December 1, 2022Quest for change, the network of incubators in the Grand-Est region, unveiled the creation of Quest for health, an incubator dedicated to health start-ups.

Quest for change is a network of five certified excellence incubators located in six areas of Grand-Est: Innovact, Quai Alpha, Rimbaud’Tech, Semia and The Pool. Together, in early December 2022, they announced the launch of Quest for health, the Grand-Est incubator dedicated to health start-ups.

60 health projects supported in four years

In 2018, Quest for change incubators relied on former entrepreneurs to create the network. The number of health projects supported increased from 5 to 60 in four years. 235 jobs were created in 2021.

Driven in particular by a regional and tri-national innovation ecosystem, Quest for health positions itself as the main French player in supporting health startups. In addition to its institutional partners in France, in particular the Grand-Est innovation ecosystem, with BioValley France and SATT Conectus, partners of the DeepEst consortium, the incubator has developed partnerships in Switzerland, Germany and Boston (United States).

Make Grand-Est a must for healthcare start-ups

The incubator promises start-ups innovative financing tools, operational training, international access and has real estate capabilities. Start-ups supported by Quest for health raised 55 million euros in 2021 for an assessment of 190 million euros and currently support 60 health projects (biotech, medtech and e-health). The incubator’s goal by 2025 is to reach around 100 high-potential startups.

His ambition is to make the Grand-Est region a key place for the development of healthcare start-ups in Europe. While Quest for Health is already claiming its leadership role in terms of supporting health start-ups on a national level, it is also showing off its international aspirations. In fact, while 20% of supported start-ups come from other regions of France, 13% of them come from other countries, including by-product from Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and Technion (Israel).

🇧🇷 search for health […] fits not only in its territory, but also with its German and Swiss neighbors, says Jean Rottner, president of the Grand-Est region🇧🇷 For me, the development of the Health sector is a strong strategic axis for tomorrow, and I have made it one of the drivers of our policies, in connection with industries, the environment and digital technology. As part of Business Act 2 and Grand-Est Transformation, we support all initiatives that build bridges between worlds, between professions. The quest for health fits right in with the beautiful stories we want to support! 🇧🇷

Support in three areas: funding, international visibility and training

Quest for health is oriented towards three health sectors: biotechnology, medical technology and e-health. It accompanies business projects coming out of laboratories (public or private) and also welcomes start-ups that have already carried out a first fundraising, with the aim of leading them to their first turnover or higher funding. It also supports them in participating in leading national competitions (such as i-Lab) and offers them access to innovative financial mechanisms, such as WiClub Santé, a unique funding tool in Europe created in partnership with the Wiseed crowdfunding.

Quest for health offers this year a certified university course, in partnership with the University of Strasbourg, to strengthen the knowledge of entrepreneurs and key people in health start-ups with an international perspective, in Germany (Life Science Accelerator, BadenCampus), in Switzerland (University of Basel) and with the accelerator program carried out by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg in partnership with Innouvo, an investment consultancy based in Boston.

Visibility is also achieved through an annual event, “Trinational HealthTech Days”, which has already allowed the organization of more than 300 meetings between investors, key accounts and start-ups. “Our goal is to support 100 healthcare start-ups in their market by 2025 to support industry innovation, serving patients and healthcare professionals. Our ambition, which is collective, is to make Grand-Est and the Haute-Rhin an essential place in Europe for the development of healthcare start-ups”🇧🇷 says Guillaume Vetter-Genoud, director of Quest for health.

A next move and new tools

The incubator will be installed inside Nextmed, the campus of medical technologies in Strasbourg located inside the civil hospital, close to prestigious medical institutes (Ircad, IHU Strasbourg, Gepromed, etc.) the same location.

Other tools are being developed to support incubated startups:

  • New innovative financing tools;
  • A scientific and business council that will bring together international opinion makers from scientific and academic research, clinical practice and industry;
  • A proprietary trinational platform to connect investors, key accounts and start-ups, whose model has already been tested at Quest for change;
  • Launch in 2024 of a master’s degree in Deeptech and entrepreneurship in health in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, to strengthen management teams.


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