Christmas gifts: watches up to 2000 euros

Raw materials inflation, luxury watchmaking inflation

Today, unless you are a rap or football star or a CAC 40 boss, it is very difficult to buy a Swiss watch. We no longer find many watchmaking stars below the 5000 euro mark. Thus, the basic Omega Speedmaster costs 6300 euros. On the Rolex side, it’s very simple, the catalog no longer offers anything below 5000 euros. Not to mention, Rolex retailers reserve their watches mostly for their most loyal customers. So unless you buy 5 Oysters a year…

The Alpiner Extreme Automatic, which can be found in our selection below. Courtesy Alpine

Since the post-Covid “reopening”, the watch industry has seen countless waves of price increases. No leading brand is spared. Rolex has thus carried out two increases in 2022 that have not forgotten any reference. The house of Chanel explains the recent increase in the prices of these watches by the need to pass on part of the inflation in the cost of precious raw materials. Gold and diamonds aren’t the only ones flying away. Steel and copper averaged about 10-20% in a few months.

new watch brands

This phenomenon generates frustration. The vast majority of lovers of fine watches are no longer able to buy the model of their dreams. Fortunately, the sector is dynamic. Many brands have emerged in the last fifteen years. Today, it is easy to develop a watch by obtaining supplies from component manufacturers (hand, dial, case, bracelet, etc.), mainly in China. We created a Lego-style clock. Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter provide money to watchmaking startup creators. In France alone, dozens of brands have emerged. We saw the arrival of March LAB, Serica, Klokers, Depancel, Hegid, Augarde, Routine, William L, BeauBleu, Fob Paris, Briston… They cover classic, avant-garde, sports, fashion and retro registers.

March LA.B is a recent brand.  Find it in our selection below.

March LA.B is a recent brand. Find it in our selection below. Courtesy of March LA.B

Some “historic” brands have chosen to maintain moderate price positioning. They all offer attractive and/or original watches at reasonable prices. Small selection of these watches that can be found for less than 2000 euros.

1. March LA.B: Bonzer Bronze Edition

The French house offers ultra-stylish watches inspired by the 1970s. The Bonzer, an elegant diver, is the first March in bronze. It is aimed at surfing, one of the favorite activities of founder Alain Maric, originally from Biarritz.


March LA.B, Bonzer Bronze Edition, Price: 1,995 euros.

2. Victorinox: Journey 1884 Automatic

Known for manufacturing the famous “Swiss army knife” since 1884, this factory also produces watches and bags. The robust Journey with Sellita automatic movement is inspired by the Swiss mountains. She is not afraid of a short walk. His second-hand counterweight is shaped like a stylized knife.


Victorinox Journey 1884 Automatic. Price: 990€

3. Alpine: Alpiner Extreme Automatic

This brand, passionate about the mountains and the Alps in particular, returns with this revisited Alpiner Extreme. It descends from the mythical Alpiner 4, launched in 1938. A more compact padded case, infallible robustness, this watch accompanies the elegant sportsman both on city avenues and in the mountains.


Alpina Alpiner Extreme Automatic🇧🇷 Price: €1,495

4. Citizen: Tsuyosa

Watchmaking is finally getting colorful… It’s about time! This Tsuyosa series, which means “strength” in Japanese, adopts Pop colors. The refreshing yellow dial version is our favourite. Automatic and with an integrated wristband, it has everything a big one has to offer. Its price defies all competition.


Citizen Tsuyosa. Price: €299

5. Oris: Big Crown X Cervo Volante

The Swiss brand is known for its elegant vintage-style watches. This Big Crown, with a dial inspired by the Swiss Alps, is the perfect example. This Cervo Volante version is equipped with a leather strap, made from vegetable-tanned “sustainable deer” skin. The buyer also receives, in this material, a case and a card holder.


Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante. Price: €2,000

6. Herbelin: Newport Slim Skeleton

Michel Herbelin simply became Herbelin. A detail ? No, the mark of profound rejuvenation. The new management team wants to move towards more designer watches that are still affordable. Limited to 500 pieces, the price of this hand-rolled Newport Slim Skeleton remains low.


Herbelin Newport Slim Skeleton. Price: €1,799

7. Briston: Newport Streamliner

Known for these elegant little watches in acetate, the material for eyeglasses, Briston has seen some success. This new tonneau-cambered model is back in a quartz chronograph version with a rubber strap.


Bristol Newport Streamliner. Price: 390 euros

8. Radio: DiaStar Original

Icon of the 60’s, the DiaStar has just been reinvented. With its ovoid headdress, it looks very original. A habit of Rado, a brand that usually invites industrial designers to revisit its models. Most recent? Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli, this year.


Original DiaStar Rado. Price: €1,530

9. Beaubleu: Vitruvian date steel

This small French brand gained fame with its circular hands. This iconoclastic choice gives their watches a very elegant and poetic look. Limited to 888 pieces, the Vitruvius (named after the first known Roman architect) is powered by a Miyota automatic movement that displays the date at 6 o’clock.


Beaubleu Vitruvius Date Steel. Price: 950 euros

10. Kid : Multifort Heritage Chronograph

Very well known in China, this brand from the Swatch Group is struggling to establish itself in France. This delightfully vintage Multifort Heritage Chronograph can help. A transposition of a 1937 model, this beautiful classic timepiece is inspired by the Harbor Bridge, Sydney’s famous harbor bridge.


Mido Multifort Patrimonial Chronograph. Price: €1,940


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