Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink… What are Elon Musk’s true ambitions?

It fascinates as much as it worries. With his projects that constantly push the boundaries of science, Elon Musk is today the entrepreneur who most arouses curiosity in the world. And for good reason, the American billionaire is carrying out various projects that can upset the future of humanity. Build electric cars with Tesla, go into space and colonize Mars with SpaceX, develop a global internet network thanks to a megaconstellation of satellites with Starlink, connect the human brain to computers with Neuralink or eradicate urban traffic jams and revolutionize the global financial market system with a decentralized approach… here is a jumble of projects that gave rise to a kind of 21st century myth around Elon Musk.

However, if this character is now well known to the general public, then his ambitions remain rather vague. In this context, journalist Olivier Lascar, editor-in-chief of the digital division of Science and the Future – Research, decided to investigate the various scientific projects carried out by Elon Musk to decipher them. From this reflection a book was born: Investigation of Elon Musk, the man who defies science (Alisio editions). “I realized that Elon Musk had fallen into another universe. He had passed from a universe of science and technology to that of people. He had become known to everyone, without knowing exactly what was behind that name”explains, highlighting “artistic blur around him” which demanded, in their eyes, a “an exercise in scientific dissemination and pedagogy”🇧🇷

When looking at Elon Musk’s vision, Olivier Lascar notably noticed the weight of science fiction in his scientific thinking. “If there is a connection between all of Elon Musk’s projects, it is first and foremost science fiction. He suckled the milk of science fiction, he read the comics we all know and love, he read science fiction literature such as Douglas Adams and The Guide of the Hitchhiker’s Galaxy”, he says. Before adding: “He built an imaginary world, he made a mental universe with his science fiction codes. And today that he is able to do that, he would like his dreams and his visions to come true.” All this with one simple conviction: “Elon Musk truly believes that technology is the answer to all our problems.”

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With this approach, the American billionaire obviously does not leave anyone indifferent. “He’s a game changer for good and bad. His technique is to shoot first and issue warnings later.”, analyzes Olivier Lascar. However, thanks to the narrative he developed, he manages to make many people around the world dream and embark them on his quests, including the most eccentric ones. “Elon Musk builds a story in which he speaks of the end of the century, of Martian cities on the horizon of 2050… Paradoxically, it is a breath of fresh air, while these projects are eminently questionable. ‘Do we need to go to Mars for example?asks the journalist. “What is at the heart of SpaceX is going to Mars to make the human species an extraplanetary species. He wants us to spread to other parts of the solar system”he adds.

However, should we be afraid of such a visionary entrepreneur, who seems to have no limits? If Olivier Lascar is not so categorical, he still believes that we should no longer mock Elon Musk, as many experts managed to do at the time when he assured that he would manage to create reusable rockets with SpaceX. “Elon Musk finds it easier to advance his story and his business because the people in front of him don’t take him seriously”, he explains. Before warning: “In 2022, you shouldn’t be doing this anymore. When you’re a politician, an industrialist or a player in space, healthcare or the automobile, you have to take Elon Musk very seriously to be able to provide the right answer, the good backfire and make sure Make sure he doesn’t impose his vision on the community. He truly believes his vision is positive and goes in the direction of bettering humanity. But is he right? Nothing is less right.” One thing is for sure though, the American billionaire hasn’t stopped talking about him.

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