Territory Start-Up in Grenoble: for solutions born from collective intelligence

How can new solutions emerge in the face of society’s problems in a territory? This is the question at the heart of the night Territory Initialization Grenoble, which was held on October 21st. Involved in the organizing committee alongside many partners, the Fondation de France Centre-Est has been a stakeholder in this regional dynamic. Among the participants, the Grenoble Big Bang Ballers association, which aims to promote inclusion through sport. Feedback from Sylvain Jouanneau, Head of Membership Development.

A territory project

Initiated by Grenoble Alpes Initiatives Active (GAIA), the operation Territory Initialization gathered around 200 participants. Objective: to exchange and build solutions collectively, during about twenty ideation and co-development workshops. Gathered around specific issues in the Grenoble conurbation, project leaders and citizens come together to bring new ideas.

For the Big Bang Ballers, who have been working for 12 years for emancipation and inclusion through sport, this was a first. 🇧🇷 Tonight’s highlight: it brings together citizens who want to make things happen. So many new looks, without prejudice, loaded with new ideas. It’s like project speed dating! says Sylvain Jouanneau.

Urban diplomacy, from citizens to citizens.

Big Bang Ballers is a sport-based social laboratory. One of its lines of work: the prevention of psychological and physical violence, namely through self-defense techniques. So it’s quite natural that he would have positioned himself in the workshop” urban diplomacy, or how to make the collective space safer in Grenoble”.

🇧🇷 How to prevent situations of urban tension from degenerating? How, through education and awareness, can we intervene when we witness situations of violence? “. After a first phase of diagnosis that allows the work group to measure the problems, it’s time for brainstorming.” We are not looking for realistic solutions, we are looking for creative solutions! by donating time to explore ideas. We investigate them, we confront them, we work on them. » specifies Sylvain Jouanneau.

🇧🇷 Connected lampposts that trigger a siren in the event of an attack, protection capsules on the streets, an app that allows you to be guided and report yourself are some of the technological solutions that emerged that night. At the same time, more “educational” ideas are emerging. For example “sworn mediators or professionals who can be mobilized quickly, such as bicycle delivery people, security guards, drivers who can be trained and called what the working group envisions.

Ideas come to life

🇧🇷 With this type of workshops, we give citizens the power to act adds Sylvain Jouanneau. 🇧🇷 Most of the tools we implement with Big Bang Ballers were developed using collective intelligence. Especially with regard to education in the face of violence. When we confront our ideas with people, we quickly realize which ones could really be part of a device. 🇧🇷

After this time of group work, the moment of collective restitution arrives. Fifteen groups present selected projects on a wide variety of issues. 🇧🇷 We feel real excitement around every project. Everyone wants to participate in other people’s projects! he gets excited. And then ? That night, after the “urban diplomacy” speech, Sylvain Jouanneau met a possible partner “ someone who develops apps “. To be continued…

“The Fondation de France Centre-Est has been supporting and accompanying the Big Bang Ballers in Grenoble since 2020 as part of its Sport, health and integration programme. territorial. We see this every day: the cooperation of the actors allows the realization of ambitious and transforming projects, and the citizen initiative is fundamental for the advancement of society and for the satisfaction of needs. The Grenoble Territory Start up night illustrated this again, with an agile method and a fun format! 🇧🇷 Explains Claire Bertin, in charge of the social missions of the Fondation de France Centre-Est.

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