Dommarket is revolutionizing e-commerce on DROM-COM

Do you know the Dommarket platform? A subsidiary of the Cafom group, leader in the distribution of home appliances in the DOM-TOMs, the site connects European sellers to foreign buyers, ensuring complete management of their products from mainland France to the customer’s home.

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A notable difference between direct sales and online sales

In 2022, the population of the islands finds itself in a very peculiar situation. Indeed, it observes significant price differences on a daily basis between the sales prices charged in stores and the prices on e-commerce sites based in mainland France. The other big difference is in the choice of products. At Dommarket, overseas residents have access to the full range, which rarely happens in local stores. In addition, prices are attractive, thanks to Low Cost transport, made possible by sharing costs between the different sellers in the marketplace and the Cafom group. By joining forces with CAFOM, a company with 35 years of experience, Dommarket offers its business partners a significant logistical strength. Thanks to its innovative business model, Dommarket can deliver its customers to their homes at attractive prices, while offering a significant margin to platform sellers. This DROM-COM Amazon accompanies European brands from A to Z to develop their presence in the DROM-COM territories.

How to sell better on the internet?

Dommarket found the best way to convince DROM-COM buyers: to include shipping and handling tax in the price displayed on the website. The consumer no longer has unpleasant surprises related to customs duties when receiving his order. He knows the price in advance. By adapting to local specificities in terms of prices, Dommarket promises a real revolution in online commerce in DOM-TOMs. To sell better online, the main success factor is to limit shipping costs. Amazon has been a world leader for years, precisely because Jeff Bezos’ company manages to offer unbeatable delivery prices. Dommarket follows the same pattern, targeting foreign buyers and offering them more product choices at better prices. Asset number 2 for consumers is the presence of Dommarket corners in some Cafom group stores. This network of stores allows consumers to be delivered to a Collection Point in each of the territories for greater convenience. To sell well online, one of the most important points concerns after-sales service. Web shoppers appreciate the solidity of effective after-sales service. Returned products are repackaged and resold locally through local distribution networks, thus eliminating the consumer’s problem of returning packaging to Europe.

At the service of individuals and businessmen

According to Médiamétrie, which presents the most recent study on the digital habits of overseas inhabitants, 76.2% of the population in Antilles-Guyana and 74.6% in Réunion use the Internet on a daily basis. Like the majority of the world’s population, they are increasingly inclined to shop online. Dommarket thus gives online shoppers the possibility of ordering products at more attractive prices with the guarantee of reliable delivery at home or at the Collection Point of their choice. The company stands out for its partnership with Cafom, leader in the distribution of home appliances abroad in France, which has 35 years of experience. Over the years, the brand has set up 34 stores on site and coordinates around 900 people to ensure everything from supply to sales on the islands.

Dommarket: a marketing asset for entrepreneurs

In addition to facilitating access to European products for the DROM-COM population, Dommarket supports companies in their marketing strategy. Its mostly foreign team ensures communication with 1.4 million qualified contacts through the distribution of leaflets, newsletters and on and offline marketing campaigns. Joining Dommarket is the guarantee of being associated with a solid partner that knows the specifics of the DOM-TOM market from end to end. Currently, 4 territories are served: Martinique, Guadeloupe, Réunion, Guyana. And, little by little, partnerships develop, encouraging other large companies to embark on the adventure. A definite advantage, especially when the numbers indicate a potential 2.2 million consumers to satisfy. If you are thinking of opening your business to the DOM-TOM market and want to take advantage of this opportunity and embark on the adventure, you can contact the Dommarket team at this address: or by telephone: 07 66 83 57 35.

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