Klarna launches platform to connect French influencers and brands

The Creator Platform connects marketers with the content creators that best fit their brand and enables more efficient collaboration through instant messaging, contests or commission management.

Klarna, a retail banking, payments and shopping services company, announces the launch in France of Creator Platform, which connects brands with the most suitable influencers and measures performance in real time, enabling marketers to better engage their target audiences and make their partnerships with influencers more profitable. For content creators, the platform helps maximize your revenue and provide more relevant product recommendations to your followers.

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With this launch, Klarna joins the influencer marketing economy, opens a crucial new channel to its 450,000 business partners worldwide and strengthens its affiliate marketing business, generating over 600 million leads per year for its partners .

Developed after the acquisition of APPRL in 2021, the platform was first launched in the United States in October 2022 and is now available in all 45 regions of Klarna, including France.

Content creators are at the heart of online shopping, helping consumers discover brands and products in more engaging and authentic ways than ever before. In fact, 38% of French shoppers who shop on social media do so directly on influencers’ pages. Among Generation Z, that number is even higher (48%). However, influencers still struggle to find a balance between growing their business and creating unique content that stands out in an oversaturated market. Marketers, on the other hand, report difficulties finding the right influencers and measuring engagement with their target audience. Klarna’s new platform aims to solve this problem by connecting marketers and influencers and streamlining every step of the process, from initial selection to performance analysis, sales tracking and content management.

Rather than signing individual contracts for each new partnership, influencers have direct access to the world’s biggest brands with Klarna. and you can choose from thousands of products to instantly recommend to your followers. Marketers, meanwhile, can search a database of over 500,000 content creators worldwide. and when they collaborate, they track their performance in real time – including traffic, sales, conversion rates and more, all segmented by creator, channel and product. This allows them to scale their business and use the data to reinvest in high performing creators for a better return on investment. On average, brands using the platform see their sales of influencer collaborations triple and report an 80% reduction in time spent managing influencer partnerships.

Martin Landen, Founder of APPRL and Head of Social Shopping at Klarna says; 🇧🇷Every minute influencers spend on tedious administrative tasks is wasted valuable time that could have been spent creating compelling content. By providing access to affiliate partnerships, brand campaigns and activations with the world’s biggest brands, Klarna allows creators to monetize their influence at scale and focus on producing quality content. At the same time, Klarna helps marketers take the guesswork out of influencer collaborations by identifying which talent matches their brand and which channels drive the best results.🇧🇷

Emilia de Poret, Designer and Fashion Director at Klarna, adds: “With its smooth and simple interface, Klarna’s platform is a must for all categories of influencers, no matter if you’re just starting out or already have a huge following. By allowing me to choose from thousands of products to recommend to my followers, the platform makes it easier than ever to turn reach into return. And with real-time information in a single overview, I can find out what my followers like, which helps me create better and, more importantly, more relevant content.”

How the Creator Platform works:

After connecting your e-commerce site to Klarna, the merchant chooses the products he wants to promote and sets the commission level he wants to reward the influencers with.

With just a few clicks, selected creators can generate affiliate links to add to their social media content and immediately start getting paid.

To work with specific content creators, the brand can also filter Klarna’s international database or simply choose from AI-generated recommendations.

Merchants can browse different creators’ profiles to get relevant information such as reach, conversion rates, audience location and their best performing products.

The platform includes a direct messaging feature where creators and brands can chat and manage gift requests.

Klarna dashboards instantly show you the content that is driving the most traffic on the shopkeeper’s page and allow him to track in real time the clicks and sales generated by each creator and direct his budget. The creator dashboard showcases the top performing products and brands, helping them understand what resonates with their audience.

Lastly, invoicing is managed automatically by the platform, which allows creators to receive their payments in a single monthly invoice,

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