how fashion brand Sézane seduced l’Oréal

Morgane Sézalory (DR)

At 34, Morgane Sézalory, originally a writer, is at the helm of an essential fashion brand for young women. A successful model built step by step on the internet, and which convinced the L’Oréal group.

She is very smiling, the young founder of the Sézane brand. And she can be. Because there was nothing obvious about deciding to drop out of high school to embark on your project, even if it meant putting up your literary baccalaureate as a free candidate. Although… Young Morgane didn’t know it yet, the anguish of setting up a business was sometimes complex, but she had the chance to evolve in a privileged environment.

Why privileged? Not by fortune, but by the family support that this youngest knows she can count on to develop her own ideas. Because Sézane is the extension of Morgane Sélazory’s personality, made up of her young history, her passion for a certain fashion aesthetic that will quickly find its place in young women, as well as her instinctive concern that each piece finds its square . Added to this is an essential good, the conscious use of all the possibilities offered by the Internet.


In 2007, the designer was only 19 years old, but it was decided, she launched her website, Les Componentes, which already reflected the style she would later develop. Passionate about clothes and the search for ancient treasures, she reworks the pieces she finds or recovers to

offer them for sale once a month on eBay. A community quickly forms around this monthly meeting, making it possible to quickly sell all these revisited creations. If yes, why not go further, see bigger? Even if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, audacity can pay off. Driven by her husband, Thibault Lougnon, Morgane Sélazory then decided to create a new brand, Sézane, in 2013.


Fast fashion and the Zara model are light years away from the Sézane model. No overproduction, no multiple annual collections, not even restocking, on brand values. However, it is not a question of settling in the haute couture or franchising business, but of creating its own universe, at the right price for the quality demanded by the stylist, thus following the brand’s values ​​from the beginning.


Another feature of the company is the Internet, thanks to a well-thought-out website and the constant use of social networks, in particular Instagram, making it possible to attract and retain customers. The Internet allows the creator to share his ideas, creations, values, all at a lower cost, allowing him to quickly build his popularity with a rapidly growing community.


Morgane Sélazory smiles in the photos, her upbeat temper strengthened under the familiar protection of a loving family. The drama of the loss of a beloved brother in 2008 could have been a definite brake on this positive view of life, but it was the opposite. As with other personalities, the drama induced greater freedom from many restrictions seen as insurmountable by others.


A 100% digital brand, DNVB Sézane now has a rare and handpicked physical presence. Some experiences with pop-up stores always work out very well, but sustainable places, in the form of apartments, exist in Paris, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, New York, London, Bordeaux… in the brand’s DNA, they represent an opportunity for the stylist to establish a direct relationship with clients and thus obtain feedback on her creations.


The Sézane style is not based on the French fashion image. It is the result of a designer’s vision that corresponds to a French, but also Spanish or American audience. As proof, the pop-up store opened in Madrid generated considerable queues. The flowers, ruffles and the romantic side of the brand seduced there as in other places. And the range is ever-increasing, with the October Editions, the male counterpart. One of the secrets of Sézane’s success is that Morgane Sézalory speaks to a target of which she is a part.

The offer she builds is not the result of a marketing business plan, it is the result of her own tastes. A fashion sensibility that led the Bettencourt Meyers family holding company, Téthys (main shareholder of L’Oréal), to hold 33% of Sézane’s shares. A strong signal that does not deceive anyone.

Anne Florin

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