With the new Rungis website, Carrefour sharpens food e-commerce logistics a little more

By Clotilde Chenevoy | The 🇧🇷 supply chain

On November 24th, Carrefour inaugurated its 5thand warehouse in Ile-de-France dedicated to home delivery. Its location and size make it a strategic location and allow the distributor to deliver on the same day.

With the opening of the Rungis website, Carrefour announces same-day delivery. – © Republik Retail / CC

E 5. On November 24, Carrefour has just opened its 5and platform in Ile-de-France, in Rungis. The new website, operated by Stef, is entirely dedicated to Carrefour delivered to your home, the home delivery service. It completes the already existing Parisian network with the sites of Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Le Plessis-Pâté, Villeneuve-la-Garenne and Vitry-sur-Seine. And it also plays a particularly strategic role for the retailer.

Carrefour and Stef launched the platform together on November 24th.  - © Republik Retail / CC
Carrefour and Stef launched the platform together on November 24th. – © Republik Retail / CC

In fact, its size, 15,000 m², and its location, less than 20 kilometers from Paris, allow Carrefour to improve its service and support the group’s ambitions in e-commerce, which claims 34% of the food e-commerce market. up to Fox Intelligence numbers. Elodie Perthuisot, executive director of e-commerce, data and digital transformation, also announced during the opening that Carrefour now offers same-day delivery for orders placed before noon. A strong case for gaining market share and capturing huge loads of races. According to a Médiamétrie study from April 2022, for 43% of French people, fast delivery is one of the main reasons for buying food products online, right behind price (45%) and ahead of quality/price ratio (36%). .

“This site opens up the field of possibilitiessays Mourad Bensadik, director of e-commerce France and e-commerce operations at the Carrefour group. This brings us 50% additional capacity and aims to become the largest order picking location in Ile-de-France. In addition, the platform also works as a laboratory for initiatives to strengthen the offer of fresh products and fruits and vegetables. 🇧🇷 There are two categories of products that play an important role in the size and quantity of the basket.

A platform with a maximum capacity of 3000 requests per day

The Rungis warehouse offers 15,000 items, organized into dry, fresh and frozen products. The private label share should eventually reach 40% of the offer, which thus follows the strategy of Alexandre Bompard’s Carrefour 2026 plan.

The organization is still very manual and allows processing a maximum of 3,000 orders per day for 180,000 items, knowing that volumes have reached the first 1,000 daily orders. “We can increase this number by implementing mechanization or robotization because the building allows, specifies the e-commerce director of France. But we don’t want a big cathedral. We prefer to bet on tools that bring quick gains in certain stretches, or that improve working conditions. 🇧🇷

Orders are shipped six times a day from deposit.  - © Republik Retail
Orders are shipped six times a day from deposit. – © Republik Retail

Another great asset of the new platform is the number of platforms, 44, which offers great potential for early rounds. The site has six cuts, with the midday cut being the last to ensure same-day delivery to the four Parisian arrondissements the site serves, as well as 91 municipalities in the southern region of Ile-de-France. Speed ​​of service is a particularly important criterion for consumers.

An internal OMS to maintain agility

To manage its flows, Carrefour has a WMS (Warehouse Management System) and a TMS (Transport Management System) on the market, but it also has an in-house OMS (Order Management System). This order scheduling tool is fundamental in managing the activity and its profitability. “Thanks to OMS, we can reallocate resources in real time according to volumes and it is used to consolidate orders”, explains Mourad Bensadik. At Rungis, Stef processes orders as late as possible, respecting the customer’s promise, in order to optimize the picking path and maximize truck filling. The goal is to achieve a 3-4 hour processing time between receiving the order and dropping it off.

The goal is to achieve a 3-4 hour processing time between receiving the order and dropping it off.

In addition to Rungis, the tool is also used to manage all e-commerce flows in France. If Ile-de-France has a greater weight in Carrefour’s home delivery activity, the distributor has 6 warehouses close to large cities such as Lille, Nantes or even Aix-en-Provence, as well as 19 shutters installed in hypermarkets, in addition to of your stores. “Having an internal OMS gives us a lot of agility, concludes the e-commerce director. With every order, we will assign it to the right place to optimize our operational excellence and reduce our costs. 🇧🇷 These are two key elements to achieving profitability. It remains to be seen whether inflation will cut the value of the basket or the frequency of purchases. Two other equally important components in the home food delivery economics equation.

The maximum capacities of Carrefour’s 5 logistics sites in Ile-de-France

• Rungis: 3,000 orders/day

• Vitry: 2,000 orders/day

• Villeneuve-la-Garenne: 1,400 orders/day

• Le Plessis-Pâté: 900 orders/day

• Aulnay-sous-Bois: 1000 orders/day

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