NGOLD Switzerland: well-being is in the stones

From ancient Egypt to ancient Rome, lithotherapy has always had a following interested in the therapeutic benefits of semi-precious stones. The Swiss Naomé Schenk made them her daily companions to alleviate her insomnia problems. The entrepreneur developed a whole range of products exported internationally and distributed in luxury hotels. A retrospective of a 3.0 trend led by NGOLD Switzerland.

Lithotherapy is very important in your life, where does this attraction come from?

Naome Schenk : Growing up close to nature in Switzerland, I constantly played outdoors with my sisters and started collecting rocks. Since then, stones have been a constant in my life. With my illness, I had a lot of pain, hospitalizations, all punctuated by insomnia. So I became interested in its benefits, and that’s how the world of Lithotherapy opened up for me.

What are the proven virtues of these semi-precious stones?

Certain minerals and metals are essential for our bodies and our health. Like the copper contained in malachite, which is known to reduce muscle pain. The benefits of stones have been highlighted for millennia and were also championed by the Romans and Egyptians. So it’s not new.

Do you have to believe in crystals to feel their positive energy?

I think so, because like everything in life, if you don’t believe and close yourself off, it won’t work.

When did you decide to make it a full-fledged profession, combining this discipline with the codes of luxury?

In 2019, I wanted to create a luxury brand linked to stones because, throughout my journey, stones have always accompanied me. I wanted to honor my inner child and create something unique, powerful and something that could positively impact people’s lives. I realized that since childhood I had always had severe insomnia, and at the same time I knew that certain stones were known to help fight sleep disorders, such as rose quartz, amethyst or blue topaz. However, I had never found a way to connect to these small objects to help me sleep. So to emerge my idea.

Naome Schenk © NGOLD Switzerland

I have surrounded myself with leaders in the luxury industry to create silk sleep masks containing semi-precious stones and catering to the highest quality possible. I have also placed my values ​​of sustainability, excellence and elegance at the heart of the brand. The product, packaging, visual and digital identity, each dimension had to be coherently aligned. NGOLD Switzerland was born!

What are your main products?

Our bestseller is the Lapis Lazuli Stone Silk Sleep Mask. Onyx stone is also very popular. This accessory – presented like a jewel in its box – aims to smooth out your long haul flights as it is a good daily companion for better sleep. We’ve also recently expanded our universe by creating silk pillowcases.

What are the feedbacks from customers of the brand and those who are not familiar with lithotherapy?

Our customers share that it is a new experience for them, that the stone helps them relax and that they sleep better. They are really won over by the concept. The mask is pure silk of the best quality and the design is made so that you are completely in the dark, customers especially appreciate this enveloping feeling. All this feedback encourages us to bring the NGOLD experience to more and more people.

How did you convince posh addresses to bring NGOLD Switzerland within their walls, like the luxury Ultima Gstaad hotel?

They found themselves in our concept that brings together quality, ethics, sophistication and innovation. But also, and above all, because it is a market where demand is huge. Customers who frequent five-star and luxury hotels often have a holistic view of well-being and health, looking for this type of products with added value. With our partner Ultima Collection (present in Crans Montana, Corfu, Courchevel, Cannes…), we went beyond the marketing of our products within the properties, by co-creating a massage “The Chakra Balancing” that uses the benefits of stones during treatment. This ritual is now the most requested by the residents of Spa Ultima in Gstaad.

Does NGOLD Switzerland also export internationally, what are its main markets and its development strategy?

Currently, our main markets are Switzerland, England and the Middle East, mainly Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. From 2023, we will expand to the United States: it is an extremely mature market in this area, many celebrities have been publicizing the benefits of the stones to a wide audience.

France is also a priority for you, it is a highly coveted market for luxury and wellness players.

I am very attached to France through my love of Paris. We have a first-time clientele in e-commerce, but no point of sale yet. That’s the next step. Our gateway will be to find partners that recognize themselves in NGOLD Switzerland (hotels, clinics, beauty institutes or concept stores) to put our products on sale. We were present at the last Paris Fashion Week, which led us to meet very interesting people for the future…

You finally got into entrepreneurship to get out of a malaise. For those who dare not go beyond their psychological restraints, what are their lessons?

My leitmotif is “Dream & Dare” (dream and dare🇧🇷 I think that first of all it is absolutely necessary to be passionate, to deeply love what you do, this means that you have to enter a field in which you feel in agreement, fulfilled. So, you have to believe in your dream, think big and have self-confidence. And dare, because it’s not enough just to “do”, you have to dare to take risks, to do what others are reluctant to do, because that would mean stepping out of your comfort zone. For everything else, I think you have to live it. Until we experience the entrepreneurial adventure, we will never really know what it represents.

The impact on your existence. You’ll find that with all the effort and method in the world, we can’t predict everything! There are constant changes. Be mentally strong and ready to adapt.

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