When large groups and startups go hand in hand to do good business

The David with Goliath award, awarded this Thursday, November 24th, distinguishes large companies and start-ups that managed to organize a win-win partnership.

Relationships between large groups and start-ups are changing. The former’s motivations for joining the latter are no longer the same as in 2015. This is what Bain & Company and the Raise Sherpas donation fund observe, which for seven years have been organizing the David with Goliath Award for distinguishing an exemplary tandem formed by a large group and a young shoot. The award ceremony, which takes place this Thursday, November 24, decides between ten finalists.

Joining forces with a start-up goes far beyond the simple customer-supplier relationship. Such cooperation should bring a quantifiable return on investment, help improve customer satisfaction or streamline internal processes.

Context of reindustrialization

This year, Bain & Company and Raise Sherpas dabbled in “open innovation,” which characterizes many collaborations between start-ups and established companies. With these alliances, Goliaths access additional external resources.

🇧🇷 These approaches are beneficial in the context of the country’s reindustrialization. Large groups project themselves more in new technologies”points out John Hazan, a partner at Bain & Company France.

With these partnerships, they can deeply rethink their offerings to better meet changing market needs. 🇧🇷 Businesses are also particularly interested in solutions that can accelerate the green transition.», observes Anne-Sophie Gervais, co-director of Raise Sherpas.

concrete sockets

As for start-ups, these alliances offer opportunities to get to market faster. Thus, 41% of young companies consulted by Bain & Company and Raise Sherpas see these partnerships with large groups as a means of accessing a vast base of solvent and sustainable customers.

The meeting between La Consigne GreenGo and the collective catering group Compass is emblematic of this fruitful cooperation expected by both parties. La Consigne GreenGo, which developed a reusable packaging deposit system, initially focused on large and medium-sized stores.

While the Anti-Waste Act for the Circular Economy (Agec) will ban 1er January 2023 the sale of meals served in disposable packaging for all establishments with twenty covers for meals taken on site, La Consigne GreenGo has developed a dematerialized deposit system in the company’s canteens.

accelerated growth

If today La Consigne GreenGo works with Compass, it is actually thanks to SAP. The software publisher was a partner of the incubator where La Consigne GreenGo grew, but also a Compass customer. SAP played the matchmaker by opening its facilities to the start-up so that it could test its innovation with its employees.

After consuming the meal, the system consists of employees returning bowls, verrines or reusable cups. These carry a QR code, and when the user deposits them by activating their badge, they simultaneously trigger the refund of their deposit.

A very virtuous circle

Very interested in this service, Compass decided to promote it to its other customers. “For that, we had to readjust our business and financial model and set up a more integrated path. This meeting allowed us to have a product geared towards collective catering. If it hadn’t happened, our development would have taken longer, and we wouldn’t have had the same growth. recognizes Yasmine Dahmane, co-founder of La Consigne GreenGo. It currently has 200 customers and employs 35 people.

Compass, which has 2,200 establishments in France, implemented this solution in around fifty of them in nine months. “We saved over a million single-use packaging in just a few months. We pay a Greengo subscription, but thanks to this innovation we are in a very virtuous circle, and this system is beneficial both for us and for our customers, whose CSR positioning it feeds explains Sabine Maillot, CSR Director of Communication and Sustainable Development at Compass.

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