Moov Africa rewards the three lucky winners of the Moov Startup Challenge

This Monday, November 21, 2022, at the headquarters of Moov Africa, the award ceremony of the “Moov Startup Challenge 2022”, launched by the mobile operator Moov Africa Chad, took place.

For the local phase, the three best startups are awarded an amount ranging from FCFA 500,000 to FCFA 2,000,000, in addition to equipment and internet volumes. In total, the three best startups resulting from modern and innovative entrepreneurship, in different technological areas, were awarded by the general management of Moov Africa with the attribution of checks and endowments in equipment and internet volumes:
-Telemedan to prosecutor Abakar Mahamat. Telemedan is a connected telemedicine terminal that runs on solar energy. Received a check for 2,000,000 FCFA and a three month kit of internet access.
– Kaditech by Baounodji Damba Fréderic solves the problem of accessibility for doctors and pharmaceuticals. He receives a check for 1,000,000 FCFA, plus a three-month Internet kit.
– Padicare by Naidoal Manfa Padibine is a digital app that connects patients with doctors. This app allows patients to book appointments with doctors and contact paramedics. Third prize goes to him with a check for 500,000 FCFA and a three month internet kit.

Among the three winners, the first, Abakar Mahamat, will participate in the international final in Morocco with the other ten subsidiaries of the Maroc Telecom group, owner of the Moov Africa brand.

digital entrepreneurship
Officializing the awards ceremony, the director general of Moov Africa, Mohammed Dkhissi, indicated that Moov Africa is a great meeting point for talents from the world of technology, being an excellent means for promoting innovative ideas that the perpetual operator account.
According to the person in charge, “the success of this edition was only possible with the participation of the privileged partners of Moov Africa, whom we thank”. “Moov Africa, as a corporate citizen, will spare no efforts to provide you with quality work and always be by your side”, said the Director General of Moov Africa, Mohammed Dkhissi.

Jury member representative Dingamnayal Kalde Lwanga thanked Moov Africa for this laudable initiative for the emergence of Chadian youth in the field of digital entrepreneurship. He urges Moov Africa to involve the Chadian state in the next edition so that it can make its contribution in the field of innovation. “I am sure that Chad will win with a 70% score in the African startups competition taking place in Morocco where he will be represented by a single winner”, guarantees the representative of the jury member Dingamnayal Kalde Lwanga.

a long process
The three lucky winners welcomed Moov Africa Chad’s initiative, which aims to increase the capabilities of young entrepreneurs in the digital field. The first, Abakar Mahamat, who will represent Chad in the international competition in Morocco, says that the first prize he was awarded proves that his project promotes a bright future, at the same time that he thanks those who participated from near or far, for the success of your project.

“We intend to represent Chad with dignity in Morocco in order to win the prize”, says Abakar Mahamat. For his part, the second winner Baounodji Damba Fréderic says he is very grateful to the mobile operator Moov Africa who organized this challenge. “This award will allow us to boost the company that already exists and we encourage Moov Africa to continue in this momentum”, he says.

The challenge at the local level included four major stages which are, among others, the public tender, pre-selection by the jury of 10 startups, qualification by the jury of 5 startups and the final presentation of three winners, the first of which will have the possibility to participate in the African competition in Morocco.

Wenaklab President Abdelsalam Ali Hassan Safi expressed his pleasure at having worked with Moov Africa throughout this process. “We were involved from the beginning and just did our job. The follow-up we started does not stop there”, declares the president of the Wenaklab platform, Abdelsalam Ali Hassan Safi.

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