E-commerce report in the 3rd quarter of 2022: Internet sales approach 36 billion euros

Paris, November 17, 2022


E-Commerce Q3 2022 Report:
Internet sales close to 36 billion euros

The main numbers of 1er quarter 2021

> The e-commerce growth rate in the 3rd quarter of 2022 is +16.8%.

> 560 million online transactions were carried out in the 3rd quarter, generating total revenues of 35.9 billion euros.

> Product sales stabilized (-2%) while services continued to rise (+34%).

> The tourism and travel sectors are those with the most dynamic growth (+39%).

> The average value of transactions amounted to €64 (+7%), reflecting the weight of inflation.

> The number of websites continued to grow (+6%) as well as sales on marketplaces (+5%) and on mobiles (+6%).

Despite an uncertain context, e-commerce advances
16.8% in the 3rd quarter thanks to sales of services

Overall e-commerce revenue increased by 16.8% compared to the 3th quarter of 2021, mainly driven by continued growth in services sales. In total, online sales of 3th quarter thus reached 35.9 billion euros, which compares with 30.7 billion euros in the 3th quarter of 2021.

sales of 3th quarter represent 560 million transactions, products and services combined, an overall increase of 8.8%. This increase is driven by the resumption of services.

However, the effects of inflation on the value of transactions are felt, with an increase of 7.3% in the average basket of this 3th quarter, that is, an average value of 64 euros.

After a 15% drop in online product sales during the 1er semester – under the effect of the setback of the records registered during the health crisis – the sector stabilizes at its 2021 level, with a slight drop: -2%. The sale of products online, however, maintains a dynamic of structural growth, with an increase of almost 30% compared to 2019.

The number of active commercial sites continues to grow despite the slowdown, at 6% compared to 3th quarter of 2021. In one year, over 11,000 e-commerce sites were launched.

Apparel, furniture/decor and beauty sales stabilize while travel and leisure still show strong growth

iCE 100 panel consumer product sales[1] are in line with the general trend and stabilize at the 2021 level at -2.4% compared to the 3th quarter of 2021.

This trend affects several important sectors of e-commerce: fashion, decoration and beauty, which returned to a level close to that of last year. While electronics sales show a further 15% drop from the 3and quarter of 2021 and that its level is approaching 2019 (+3%).

Sales to iCE 100 panel professionals continued to grow at +6.9%.

The travel/tourism sector, which had seen very strong growth in the previous quarter, maintained a positive trend of +28% compared to the 3th quarter of 2021. It is driven by the return of travelability combined with the increase in average transaction value.

Sales rates on marketplaces and mobile rise more than 5%

The appeal of sales on marketplaces is confirmed, with a 5% increase in the marketplace index compared to the 3th quarter of 2021, that is, a greater increase than that registered by the websites for own sales. Compared to 3th quarter of 2019, this progression is even more spectacular with an increase of almost 23% in the space of 3 years.

iCM mobile sales, which combine product sales and travel sales, increased 6% compared to the 3th quarter of 2021, driven by buoyant travel sales.

[1] Measuring growth on a constant sample of a hundred leading sites

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The data collected by Fevad on merchant websites correspond to the following definitions:

E-Commerce Index (iCE 100) : Revenue generated directly by the iCE 100 Panel sites on fixed and mobile Internet. Sites do not retain the volume of business done on other sites in the context of sales on marketplaces. In addition, sites that publish a marketplace do not retain the volume of business achieved in the marketplace, nor the commissions generated. Finally, white label sales are declared by the websites on which the sales are made. Only orders delivered in France are held, regardless of the delivery location (home, collection point, stores, etc.). The billing considered is that of the calendar month, which is defined by the order date and not by the delivery date. Cancellations, exchanges and returns are deducted; shipping costs are included; Includes VAT on sales to individuals, excluding VAT on sales to professionals.

market index : Turnover achieved by websites hosted on marketplaces that sell iCE100 panel products.

Mobile Commerce Index (MCI) : Revenue generated directly on smartphones and digital tablets as part of websites and mobile apps (excluding app downloads).

iCE 100 Panel Composition : More than 100 sites: products for the general public (100 sites), e-tourism (15 sites) and sales to professionals (20 sites).

PSP Dashboard Composition : 8 secure payment platforms: Adyen, Dalenys, Monetico Payment, Monext, Paypal, PayZen, Verifone, Worldline.

General market estimate : Calculation of global market estimate is based on data collected from iCE 100 panel websites, value of electronic payments (excluding iCE 100 panel members) reported by service providers participating in the PSP panel, and an estimate of offline payments ( Fevad survey with iCE 100 establishments).

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