5 startups that are preparing companies for the future

On Wednesday, November 16th, Alliancy’s editorial team offered to discover innovative companies whose respective markets concern the main keywords of 2022: Web3, quantum, metaverse, NFT, cryptography… The opportunity to return to business reality of current trends, but also about the latest turbulent news on these subjects.

The year 2022 has seen a wave of new keywords thrust themselves into the heart of the digital promise for businesses. Strategic plans began to sway the terms Web3 or metaverse… But beyond the entertainment sector, many organizations also avoided delving into concrete use cases that could serve enterprises. Fortunately, this period of hesitation is favorable for bold entrepreneurs and researchers who, at the head of innovative young companies, are in charge of proposing angles of attack to revolutionize uses… even in BtoB!

With this Alliance Connect Innovation Selection, our media therefore wanted to directly seek the opinion of the main stakeholders, those companies that take a stand on future issues, sometimes with complex refinement but with a certain potential. What are your concrete business models and offerings today? What do they want to offer tomorrow? And how do they deal with the noise and news surrounding the key terms that drive their business?

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With Teemew, Manzalab wants the metaverse to be truly BtoB

It is as if the metaverse had experienced an accelerated maturity curve for technological hype: between an almost happy start to the year in 2022 and a much more difficult end of the year due to the doubts of the Meta leader, the companies that marked their business with the term experienced the roller coaster. Manzalab, however, is among the casualties, for a clear bias: the experience in video games and virtual reality of its founders and specialists must serve them in the professional environment and collaborators: training, facilitation of telework links, collective events… which has the advantage of answering a recurring question from companies: the metaverse, what for?

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  • Company name: Manzalab
  • Location: Paris and Aix-en-Provence
  • Turnover in 2021: 3 million euros
  • Workforce: 25 people
  • Hiring expected in 2023: 10 people
  • Funds raised: 1.5 million euros

Request Finance: for CFOs, risk-free crypto

The heavy news of the FTX case and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried weighs heavily on all companies that are closely or distantly connected with the world of cryptocurrencies. But Request Finance clearly differentiates in its activity the volatile “crypto” that make the headlines, new digital currencies such as CBDC (for “Central Bank Digital Currency”) such as the digital dollar, which are backed by historical monetary institutions and their stability. With the key of a promise: to make administrative and financial directors (DAF) benefit from the facilities of these digital assets (speed of transfers, traceability, etc.) without questioning their methods of operation and their accounting.

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  • Company name: Request Labs SAS
  • Location: Saint Julien en Genevois (74)
  • Turnover in 2021: 1.5 million euros
  • Work force: 35 people
  • Hiring planned for 2023: 30
  • Funds raised: 5 million euros

ColibrITD anticipates enterprise uses with quantum

Quantum computing is a dream and announcements about increasingly promising hardware features give hope for a remarkable acceleration by 2030 towards this “5and Industrial revolution “. But for which specific use cases should we be prepared? It is on this topic that ColibrITD is working, by offering a software platform that aims to make quantum technology accessible to companies, even those that do not understand it, thanks to upstream integrated use cases The importance of the “first mover bonus” is driving more and more organizations to take an interest in the subject now, looking forward to the next 5-10 years.

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  • Company name: ColibrITD
  • Location: Paris
  • CA 2021: NC
  • Workforce: NC
  • Hiring expected in 2023: NC
  • Funds raised: NC

AirGift Makes NFTs Useful for Businesses

NFTs have also been talked about a lot over the last couple of years. Perceived above all by the general public as a subject for the entertainment, gaming and art sector, there are also BtoB apps. AirGift thus offers a SaaS so that each company can create and distribute its own NFT, based around several key characteristics: ease of use, free for the end user, integration with CRM/CMS via API, etc. In addition to technology companies, more and more traditional companies, such as retailers, are imagining uses for managing supplements in purchases or user relationships. Even more, AirGift foresees the use case of associating an NFT with each physical product (digital product passport) in order to be able to track its entire lifecycle and enrich it according to events. Transparency, repair, recycling… enough to make NFTs useful and not futile.

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  • Company name: AirGift
  • Location: Paris and Barcelona
  • Turnover in 2021: 0
  • Number: 6
  • Hiring planned for 2023: 6
  • Funds raised: 0

Codyseum helps companies make their choices on the Web3

By offering a “development agency” type of support specialized in Web3 projects desired by companies, Codyseum faced the great confusion that reigns within organizations on the subject. Creating NFT platforms, monetizing audiences, creating smart contracts: bespoke solutions open up possibilities – as long as you have a clear objective and that the use cases don’t just “follow fashion”. The company has notably managed to support projects around DeFi (decentralized finance, editor’s note) or patent filing preparation. In the future, it hopes to be able to launch its own platform for the purchase and resale of products and services, fully decentralized, allowing it to avoid intermediaries in transactions, but also creating an integrated profit sharing system for users.

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  • Company name: Codyseum
  • Location: Toulouse
  • CA 2021: NC
  • Numbers: 3
  • Hiring expected in 2023: NC
  • Funds raised: NC

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