Livmed’s takes the lead in the drug delivery market

Livmed’s is full of vitamins. The Nice start-up, specializing in home delivery of medicines and the digitization of pharmacies, has just completed its second fundraiser of the year. The first, held in January 2022, raised the sum of 2 million euros from renowned investors such as Laurent Caredda (founder of Almerys), Fred Destin (investor of Deliveroo), former CEO of Allianz France Jacques Richier, Pastor family or even Romain Aflelou. The second, which has just been concluded for a sum of 5 million euros, allows it to receive Sanofi and CMA CGM in its capital this time. Big names that come to support the acceleration strategy of the start-up born in 2020.”we need to go fastconfirms its founding director, Talel Hakimi. Competitors are entering the market, pharmacists are asking us for new services and we need to make this revolutionary innovation known to the general public.πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

A thousand partner pharmacies

It must be said that the concept developed by Livemed’s responds to these social changes with very high stakes, whose use, still not widespread, will certainly increase in the coming years. The idea? Facilitate access to care and digitize pharmacies so they can respond to new consumption patterns. πŸ‡§πŸ‡·While it is possible to deliver almost anything and everything, the patient, i.e. the person least able to move around, does not have a concrete delivery solution.“, notes the leader, whose service is currently deployed in 150 French cities through almost a thousand partner pharmacies. National deployment facilitated by the first round of funding that allowed Livmed’s to recruit in large numbers, to build a pool of 17,000 distributors, including 2,000 summoned daily, and to develop technological bricks that allow each pharmacist to simply digitize their activity, the evolution of their stock, the updating of medication dosages and contraindications. lag in terms of digitization.only 2% of pharmacies are digitized or have a websiteβ€œ, says Talel Hakimi.

How Livmed’s is taking the lead in drug distribution

delivery by drone

The objective now is to consolidate and expand the young offspring’s positions in its domestic market before the expected emergence of foreign challengers who see France as an Eldorado. For this, the company CΓ΄te d’Azur sets out to conquer the territories and has as a goal 4,000 pharmacies (out of a total of 22,000) partners by the end of 2023.”We want to cover the whole territory, including rural areas and medical deserts“. In this sense, an experiment has been carried out in the delivery of medicines by drone. This offer requires a certain number of administrative authorisations, namely in terms of air corridors, which should come into force in 2023 according to the manager. In the meantime, “to respond to the emergency“, by the end of the year a D+1 delivery service will be created in these areas.


Another point to be developed are partnerships with mutual insurance companies, assistance providers and social security. The latter, through the Prado device, makes it possible to cover the cost of delivering medicines up to 2.50 euros at hospital discharge. πŸ‡§πŸ‡·We would like to lobby to extend it to other types of population, such as long-term patients or people with reduced mobility.“Because Livmed’s has chosen to make the cost of delivery borne by the patient, hence the agreements the company hopes to complete next year with mutual insurance companies.”We talk to 80% of themβ€œ, advances the manager, who anticipates, therefore, an increase in the volume of orders, not least because its BtoB activity (delivery of homes, clinics and hospitals) already represents 50% of its turnover, not communicated, and inserts it if in a moment of high that does not weaken.”We have multiplied our turnover by 5 compared to last year and recorded a 600% growth in ordersπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

spot export

Finally, exports occupy a good place in Livmed’s itinerary. In sight, Switzerland and Belgium. A first foray into French-speaking countries that aims to gain experience before attacking Europe, in particular Germany and Spain. This geographic penetration will require a third round of financing, in Series A, which the company intends to complete in 2023 with VC (Capital Venture) specialists in e-health. Meanwhile, the young shoot of 49 people wants to double its workforce by next June. She is looking for senior developers, brand ambassadors, salespeople and marketing profiles.