Amazon panics and releases 7 CRAZY deals this Tuesday ⚡️

This Tuesday is a new important day for Black Friday at Amazon. Yesterday, the trader had to deal with a huge shortage that managed to partially restock overnight. Here are the best deals to take advantage of this Tuesday.

This year, Amazon is trying to maximize its Black Friday performance. All recent products are marked with discounts, including on brands such as Apple, Sony or Samsung in technology. Below, we list Tuesday’s nuggets including many traders active in the trade.

If you don’t have a minute to look in depth at all the e-commerce sites, this selection offers a good overview of the bargains to grab this Black Friday Tuesday alone. Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac decided this year to start their operation on Friday the 18th. There will therefore be no special case for Friday, which is the real Black Friday.

For this edition, Amazon is holding its Black Friday for a total of 10 days. The offers will be identical every day, as long as the stock is always high. That’s also why it commits to a powerful promise: if the price of the product you purchased drops even further by November 28th, it will refund the difference. He thus discards the trickery strategy in which his customers would not see the same prices at a given time.

Black Friday will be even better

While France is stagnating and could slip into recession, inflation is skyrocketing. Black Friday Amazon and others is a good opportunity for the French to shop smart and, above all, cheaper. The budget is more limited and therefore it is necessary to know how to adapt to the context. This is all the more important as the French budget for Christmas is expected to increase according to the latest studies carried out.

The Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad) claims that 70% of French people will participate (or have already participated) in this edition of Black Friday. Of that population, two-thirds also want to shop online. Amazon is obviously a reflection of many of them, not to detract from its position as the leader in e-commerce in France.

But what is also very interesting is that more than 4 out of 10 French people will use Black Friday to make their Christmas gifts. They will therefore take advantage of pleasing using smart discounts on websites to better manage their budget and savings. It is to their credit and merchants want to support them as best they can on this point.

At Amazon, Black Friday is associated with more flexible return terms than during the rest of the year. In this case, all purchases made during this period are returnable until the end of January 2023. This will allow you to get a refund if you regret a purchase made during this auspicious period. And if it’s a Christmas present you don’t like, it can also be refunded. It’s flexibility you can’t find anywhere else.

See deals on Amazon

If you now want to know what retailers are offering for Black Friday, it’s simple: everything. They usually cover every topic you can imagine. Our guide mainly highlights tech discounts, but this is just one example among many. You can find attractive prices in many other categories such as home, DIY or sports.

Less pressure for the Amazon

With the best price guaranteed during Black Friday, Amazon allows customers to shop with peace of mind. This Tuesday, for example, you can take a tour of the site to find out about all the current offers. If you like one of them, you can pay directly for it and have it delivered right away. And if by chance the price dropped further by Monday, Amazon would refund the few extra euros invoiced.

This allows you to shop in peace without the pressure of Black Friday. However, there is always a question about the stock of certain products. In the past 24 hours, ruptures have appeared everywhere. We are sorry, for example, for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 tablet, which has permanently disappeared from the site. Fortunately, there are still bestsellers like the Nintendo Switch, Garmin watches, MacBooks or Meta Quest headphones.

In addition to Amazon, Black Friday is also in full swing at Cdiscount and Fnac, who also opted to make the operation last longer. This allows the French to be more comfortable with offers and better search e-commerce sites. Each offers tens of thousands of references at reduced prices, it could take you hours to find them all.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of good deals for Black Friday 2022. We’ve also included deals that aren’t necessarily on those three commercial platforms, but are really worth the detour. Our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for the latest nuggets and checks every site to find them for you.

There’s just under a week left until the Black Friday chapter on Amazon is completely closed for this year. If you don’t have the courage to go to the different platforms every day to see the offers, the easiest way is to save this page in your favourites. From last Friday until Monday, we effectively cover all discounts. They are updated according to arrivals and according to disruptions. Unfortunately, there are more breaks than new offers, so we invite you to be reactive.

To attack Black Friday in full force this Tuesday, it’s here:

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