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Posted on November 21, 2022, 6:14 pmUpdated November 21, 2022, 6:27 PM

When data opens up the field of possibilities

A pioneer of French technology since its inception in 1983, Cegid has always given technological innovation a central place to support its 350,000 customers in their digital transformation. Data is now at the heart of the publisher’s business. “Trillions of management data – financial, legal, HR, business – passes through our software every year, which is analyzed and classified to generate accurate insights into our clients’ issues and needs. This gives Cegid a privileged point of view to constantly follow the pulse of the French economy”, highlights Pierre-Antoine Roy, head of innovation projects and data laboratory at Cegid.
Collecting data is one thing, knowing how to interpret it is another. With programming centered on data management and visualization, Cegid Data Lab’s nuggets will provide useful and innovative answers to a decisive challenge for companies today: making data speak.

A promotion of 7 start-ups to imagine the future of data

Since the beginning of November, Cegid Data Lab has hosted, over the next 9 months, 7 start-ups from the financial, retail and HR sectors, selected from 70 applications. Each one of them was able to choose, according to their needs and objectives, three mentors from a panel of Cegid specialists, some of whom are part of the Comex, and who will accompany them throughout the program. Participants also benefit from master classes taught by specialists in areas essential to the development of their business: data, design, User Interface & Experience, sales, marketing, pricing, financial/accounting management; access to your UX/UI Lab to test your solutions; partnerships and experiments with customers and Cegid solutions. Throughout the programme, start-ups will also have the opportunity to participate in networking events, media visibility actions, etc. in order to accelerate the development and commercialization of your product, the growth of your activity, as well as the influence of your brand.

Tailored mentoring and cross-fertilization

Grégory Amzel, co-founder and CEO of – a SaaS solution that helps luxury, fashion and beauty brands make their stores more efficient, continually adapting their actions to their customers’ profiles – is not in his first incubation experience. Having worked in the first two incubators, he measures the wealth of support offered within the Cegid Data Lab: “We benefit both from the commercial experience, in our SaaS software, and from the experience in the retail sector, which is exactly the segment we want to conquer Olivier Chiono, director of Cegid’s retail offer, and one of our three mentors, accompanied us mainly on issues of visibility, notoriety and value proposition.Through him, we participated in two major events for our business: Cegid Retail Club in Paris and Cegid Connections Retail in Monaco, which triggered several conversations with industry players. »
But Cegid’s relationship with startups does not stop at the end of the acceleration path. It is intended to last over time through an alumni network. In addition to this network, some start-ups have also managed to establish technological and commercial partnerships with Cegid.
M-Work, a hybrid work organization solution, launched in January 2022, is a good example. As Joséphine de Leusse, its co-founder, explains: “For us, these 9 months represented the first milestones of a very rich collaboration. Cegid, as a key player in the HR ecosystem, allowed us to reinforce our product in terms of design, by providing us with reading grids, essential methodologies for structuring our offer. We created a deep relationship with Cegid, which ended up becoming our client”.

A win-win approach

Pierre-Antoine Roy is convinced of this: “The Cegid specialists who volunteer to support a start-up do so with an intention focused on the needs of their mentee. And, finally, they leave with new working methods, new tools, a new ecosystem whose culture and good practices they disseminate to their teams… Reverse mentoring of great value both for personal development and for the agility and business dynamism that this set up within the company. The spirit of innovation guided the creation of Cegid and remains at the center of our culture. 🇧🇷
A view shared by Olivier Chiono, who supported for 9 months and continues to do so on an ad hoc basis: “When you come across this ecosystem in Station F, it makes sense. Thanks to this type of initiative, I organize meetings between start-ups and my teams to do, for example, cross pitches. The idea is to spread this entrepreneurial spirit among us, to make my employees willing to innovate, to take risks. 🇧🇷
An acceleration program that fulfills the role of link between, on the one hand, the support that Cegid can offer to these start-ups that need expertise in specific themes and, on the other hand, the will to continue transforming a company like Cegid.

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