One year after its opening, Agreen Lab’O welcomes five start-ups in Orléans

It’s the little brother of Lab’O, in Orléans. The opening of Agreen Lab’O Village by CA, it has been postponed several times, in particular because of Covid. It was finally able to take place this Friday, November 18th, in the new building with a wooden facade, built on the Xavier-Beulin campus, close to the CNRS, in Orléans La Source.

An investment of 3.3 million euros to Orléans Métropole, which allocated a global budget of 10 million euros to this campus. In 2024, it should also host an Agreen Lab’O R&D. Companies interested in setting up there can already contact Métropole services🇧🇷

Discovering Agreen Lab’O

Agreen Lab’O was therefore inaugurated by Serge Grouard, president of Orléans Métropole; Xavier Malherbet, General Manager of Crédit Agricole Center Loire, who confirmed the establishment’s Village by CA brand; Laurence Beulin, widow of Xavier Beulin who had the idea, in 2014, to create the Vale AgreenTech to put digital technology at the service of plants; François Bonneau, President of the Region who co-financed the building to the value of 800,000 euros (plus 400,000 euros for the development of the campus), and Michel Hugnot, under Orléans Val de Loire Technopole. The Department also subsidized the campus in the amount of 706,000 euros.Laurence Beulin, very moved, praised the “realization of intuition” that her late husband Xavier had in 2014.

All underlined the importance of this tool, “of science, technology and innovation”, in a time of climate change food sovereignty needs.

Agreen Lab’O is already working for more than a year under the direction of Julien Goujon, also director of Lab’O, thanks in particular to the on-site AgreenTech Valley resource center and Village by CA.Startup representatives hosted on the site, supervised by Julien Goujon, director of the two incubators, and Jean-Michel Gallier, president of AgreenTech Valley.

“Help us fill the Agreen Lab’O”, exclaimed Frédéric Ros, director of Orléans Technopole. For now, in fact, the 1,500 square meters and twenty-four offices are occupied by just five start-ups:

* Seabex specializing in precision irrigation. Created in Tunisia, the company arrived in Orléans in 2019 and fell in love with the local ecosystem (companies and research laboratories). It offers, among other things, a joint tool with the Loiret Chamber of Agriculture and tests its tools at the Jardin des Plantes in Orléans.

* Cibeletech was created in 2012 and settled in Lab’O before joining Agreen Lab’O. The company develops digital twins for agriculture and forestry. It works, among others, for Les Crudettes, to improve the management of greenhouses, with Agropithiviers to monitor and anticipate production and with the Dream cluster to find species of trees that are resilient in the face of climate change.

* farmviz pilots and monitors environmental indicators for agricultural storage, among other things, in order to improve conservation and reduce energy consumption.

*Vast should come out next year, a platform, Bioplace, linking agricultural producers or emitters of biowaste and users (methanizers, food industry)…

*My shed connects farmers with unused sheds and those who could use them: businesses, owners of caravans, boats, etc. The start-up takes care of the contract, payment, after-sales service…

Agreen Lab’O is also home to companies located elsewhere, such as Overseed, which specializes in medical marijuana🇧🇷

Carole Tribout

Vale AgreenTech presented its awards

Thursday night was the award ceremony organized every year by Vale AgreenTech.

Xavier Beulin Grand Prix : two ex-aequo.
– Support for innovative projects of young farmers in Ukraine.
– Rémi Dumery, farmer from Boulay-les-Barres for his request for help to the irrigator Dumirrig. The objective is to gather all information from orders, monitoring and control of equipment, data collection for technical and economic follow-up.

Vale AgreenTech Award 🇧🇷
– Jimmy Paquereau and Anthony Portales of Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle for their Admiral/Wall-I project, a versatile toolbox for optimizing intelligent software processing chains, based on an application example in phenotyping high yield.
– Favourite: Franck Gauthier from Mettray (Indre-et-Loire), for the Sylviacare project, an early detection system for the start of a fire in the natural environment.

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