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The GeneralMedia Group pursues its diversification strategy

In 2022, VitaVerDura, the largest online marketplace for 100% French-speaking local products, nearly doubled its revenue by operating against the grain. Rolle’s SME (VD) is in fact the only one in the sector to work on a just-in-time basis and to refuse to give in to the sirens of immediate delivery. By doing so, it not only reduces its costs, but also reduces its carbon footprint.

Nearly two years after the Lausanne-based GeneralMedia group acquired a majority stake in VitaVerDura SA, the company is opening a new website and moving forward.

transport optimization

GeneralMedia modernized all of VitaVerDura’s operations, but without touching its DNA. From now on, to limit waste and unsold items, the Vaud-based SME operates exclusively on a just-in-time basis. Transport has also been fully optimized, from picking up the goods (once a week) to delivery (only 3 days a week).

“This optimization of logistics considerably reduces our costs and drastically reduces our carbon footprint”, says Olivier Di Natale. Today, everyone wants products low cost and instant delivery. We offer exactly the opposite: slightly more expensive products, but with an exemplary quality/price ratio, and a longer delivery time. 🇧🇷

preserve the planet

This is how VitaVerDura consolidates all orders for the week on Sunday night, collects the goods from regional producers on Monday and delivers them to its customers from Tuesday to Thursday. “Delivering within 24 hours is an economic and above all ecological aberration, points out Olivier Di Natale. If we want to preserve the planet, everyone, starting with the consumer, must do their part. local and learn to wait again”.

A model that allows, in any way, to remunerate producers at a fair price: in VitaVerDura, each horticulturist, farmer or opinion maker defines the amount he wants to receive.

4,000 referenced products

On its new online platform, VitaVerDura has expanded its offer: in a few months, it will offer 4,000 products from around 300 producers in French-speaking Switzerland. By the end of 2023, the company plans to reach 4 million in revenue. business, when it barely reached 900,000 CHF in 2019.

Six new positions have been created since the acquisition of VitaVerDura. The workforce is expected to add up to around fifteen people by the end of the next fiscal year.


Nouveaux territoires B2B
Grâce à son expertise du marketing digital, GeneralMedia a permis non seulement à la société fondée en 2011 de se mettre au goût du jour et d'être plus efficiente à tous les niveaux, mais aussi de défricher de nouveaux territoires. En l'occurrence le B2B, avec Fruits-ô-bureau (
Cette marque séparée, spécialisée dans les paniers de fruits sur abonnement destinés aux entreprises, connaît déjà un engouement spectaculaire, quelques mois à peine après son lancement, au printemps dernier. Chaque semaine, Fruits-ô-bureau livre plus de 2'000 kilos de fruits frais de saison à quelque 150 entreprises romandes.
Dans les prochains mois, l'objectif de 250 abonnés sera probablement atteint. " Une croissance rendue possible par une logistique sans faille ainsi qu'un mix de growth hacking, de marketing digital et de méthodes plus traditionnelles " précise Olivier Di Natale, directeur de GeneralMedia et de VitaVerDura.


Synergies and coherence

For GeneralMedia, notably holder of the Gourmet Passport and specialist in the art of exciting the palate, entering the world of e-commerce and food distribution can be a bold bet.

“Even if this is the first time, we remain consistent with our group’s activities and philosophy, underlines Olivier Di Natale. We will, for example, create synergies with our various publications and take advantage of our archive of ten thousand addresses.”

Thanks to the development of VitaVerDura, GeneralMedia also experienced growth in 2022 despite the unfavorable economic climate in the publishing sector. “It’s not worth hiding: advertising revenues in the press will continue to fall, even if there are signs of recovery, admits Olivier Di Natale. That’s why I think it’s essential for a group like GeneralMedia, but also for any business related to publishing and media, to diversify.”

About GeneralMedia SA

Founded in 1999, GeneralMedia SA is a publisher active in the area of ​​leisure, family and gastronomy that manages the platform, the Passeport Gourmand guide and Passeport Loisirs. The company, based in Lausanne, has 50 employees and a turnover of 8 million francs.

About VitaVerDura AG

A pioneer in the farmer’s basket delivered to your home in French-speaking Switzerland, the e-commerce platform VitaVerDura SA has more than 2,000 references of local and artisanal products. Founded in 2011, the company employs 9 people for a turnover of CHF 1.8 million (2022)


Olivier Di Natale
GeneralMedia SA – Ch. de la Gravière 8 – 1007 Lausanne – Tel: 021 721 20 20

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