From Néant-sur-Yvel and Lizio: Maëlan Dahyot and Kévin Bauché created Tonton billboard

The Tonton Outdoor team at one of three stores in Vannes. ©News Morbihan

From a friendship, a professional adventure was born. Maëlan Dahyot and Kévin Bauché hold the Sports specialty stores Tonton Outdoor in Vannes (Morbihan). Meet.

Two sports enthusiasts

Maelan DahyotNeant-sur-Yvel and Kevin Bauche, by Lizio, have been friends since they were teenagers. Their friendship around sport crystallizes in the central hinge of Ploërmel Football Club Ploërmel.

Your collaboration will also be professional. Inside 2010Maëlan opens one franchised store (Sobi Sports) in the city center of Vannes🇧🇷 Kevin joins him later in the adventure. The Covid-19 health crisis shows them the importance of a web platform. They then left the franchise and launched their brand and website in 2021: Tonton Outdoor. Where does that name come from?

When I released “Tonton”, Maëlan said “no” to me right away. But if, you see, his son calls me “Uncle Kev”, we’re still not family. We all have an uncle or aunt to confide in, regardless of their relationship.

four points of sale

Three physical points of sale. one online🇧🇷 Here is the stage of the two partners’ professional marathon in 2022. “We have a running store and a Patagonia space in the center of the city, in addition to a 400 m² store in Kerlann with a space for walking and another dedicated to running (running, trail running, fitness, etc.)”, explains Kévin Bauché.

Tonton Outdoor in the Kerlann shopping district.
Tonton Outdoor in the Kerlann shopping district. ©News Morbihan

Sports stores stand out from the big brands with a specialized high-end positioning 🇧🇷

Norrøna, Fjallraven, Icebreaker, Arc’teryx, OVERSTIM.s (nutrition) by Plescop, Veets, etc.

The new Vannetais do not run in the same category as the big brands. “We are an alternative. Some people new to sports will naturally turn to general trading. If they try it, they will come to us, the experts”, says Kévin Bauché, who adds:

For example, we offer extensive support in choosing shoes. We spend an average of 30 minutes with the client. We direct you to what corresponds according to the size, its pathologies, frequency of use, sensation, etc.

The Morbihannais passed the turn of the web. “We imagined the site as close as possible to the store experience: those who know what they want will search in the search bar and those who want personalized advice can choose to be guided through a funnel of questions precisely targeting their needs,” says Kévin. The platform also offers a sporting events map from the world with the recommended equipment to optimize participation in the chosen event”. Since the creation of the e-commerce platform, Tonton Outdoor has surpassed 2,500 online sales.

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Partners of local and national athletes

Salespeople are great sportsmen. You’ll likely find them at Ultra Marine events or the Vannes Marathon. Some customers have ambitious sports projects:

A customer can leave the store equipped to do Kilimanjaro, the GR34, etc. […] We know crazy projects: two young people from Quiberon take a 3-year trip by bicycle, a couple crosses South America (Andes Mountains) on horseback for 8 months, a couple in Lapland, etc.

The Tonton Outdoor accompanies a forty local athletes in his practice as Élodie Wanherdrick, Stéphanie Le Floch, Pol Le Bot or Arnaud Hairie (great Raid winner at Ultra Marin). “We are the official equipment supplier of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse who will try for the Olympic title in 2024 in the 800m”, says Kevin.

Continuing this approach, Vannes’ company bought another service company to offer “Xperience sport”. The 250 athletes in the catalog can be put in contact with companies or individuals. The co-managers are on the right track for this new adventure.

Shops: 20 and 24 Place des Lices and 11 Avenue de la Marne, Vannes. The e-commerce site at this link.

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