Essonne: three innovative start-ups receive a prize and the sum of 15,000 euros

Amphitrite, Stratolia and Surge are the three winning startups of the 12th edition of the Jean-Louis Gerondeau – Safran award (©Corinne Hameau)

They were rewarded for their innovations in the fields of sea ​​transport, of earth observation and some health🇧🇷 Thursday, November 10, 2022, three startups used by teams inentrepreneurial ecosystem of‘Polytechnic University at the palaiseau 🇧🇷Esson) it’s from Polytechnic Institute of Paris received the Jean-Louis Gerondeau – Safran Prize.

Created in memory of Jean-Louis Gerondeau (X 1962), this award that celebrates his 12th edition aims to promote the emergence or maturation of innovative projects. Each of the winning startups receives the sum of 15,000 euros.

The projects of the three young plants were evaluated based on the innovative character of the product or service offered, its economic potential and its ability to lead to the creation of a business.

Amphitrite aims to optimize and decarbonize sea travel

Headquartered at the X Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Amphitrite proposes to decarbonize the voyages of merchant ships, which represent 3% of global CO2 emissions.

For this, the start-up, which emanates from the Laboratory of Dynamic Meteorology (CNRS, École polytechnique – IP Paris, ENS, Sorbonne University), develops patented methods ofanalysis and fusion of ocean data.

“Satellites collect a lot of data to analyze the surface of the oceans and detect phenomena such as eddies and meanders. By merging these different data using artificial intelligence, we were able to obtain reliable information about surface currents, waves and wind,” he explains. Alexandre StegnerCNRS researcher and professor at X.

And he continues: “This more accurate analysis of the state of the sea thus allows shipowners and maritime operators to optimize the routing of their ships to reduce travel time and energy consumption by 5 to 10% depending on the routes followed, and therefore their CO2 emissions”.

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Stratolia is developing an Earth observation and imaging service

On his side, Stratolia created an Earth observation and imaging service from ball stratospheric maneuver🇧🇷 Located at an altitude of 20 kilometers in the stratosphere, the balloons can evolve according to the winds and reach an area to be studied.

“While drones have limitations in terms of autonomy and range, and satellites can only generate one or two images of a given area per day given the orbit, the stratospheric balloons that we are developing should allow continuous observation of an area, with an autonomy of 6 months to a year”, indicates Louis Hart Davisco-creator of Startolia.

The balloons developed by the young sprout also have a high resolution image thanks to cameras that film in visible, near infrared and thermal infrared.

Equipped with a nacelle connected to software to control their direction, they can be used for multiple applications: forest fire detection🇧🇷 traffic monitoring maritime or theaters of military operationsresponse to a crisis like an earthquake…

Surge aims to anticipate postoperative complications

Finally, the startup Outbreak developed a patented solution anticipate postoperative complications of immune system analysis of the patient before surgery through predictive tests made from a blood sample.

“The purpose of these predictive tests is to inform the surgeon’s decision making, providing him with a reliable tool to assess the operative risk”, he explains. Julien Hedouco-creator of Surge.

The start-up brings together doctors and engineers in France and the United States, which started last September clinical test in partnership with thefoch hospital in Suresnes and intends to commercialize its solution by 2025.

Each year, almost 8 million surgical operations take place in France, one in five leads to post-operative complications that may require hospitalization. The Surge project, if completed, could respond to a important public health problem.

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