the start-ups that will accompany the Region to Las Vegas

CES in Las Vegas in numbers

  • 2,200 exhibiting companies in 2022, including 150 French,
  • more than 160 countries represented,
  • 175,000 participants in 2020.
  • More than 3,000 journalists.

It is an unmissable event at the beginning of each year. After a virtual edition in 2021 and a face-to-face return in 2022 marked by numerous cancellations due to the appearance of a new variant of Covid, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returns for an ambitious 56th edition.

CES 2023: innovation facing tomorrow’s challenges

From the 5th to the 8th of January 2023, the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to technological innovations will welcome the most influential players from around the world in Las Vegas, USA.

Credit: Consumer Electronics Show

An edition whose theme will be “technology for a better tomorrow” or how technological innovation can serve a better future and, in particular, address concrete solutions against climate change.

The Île-de-France Region will be present as every year, with 16 startups that embody the “Smart Region” spirit and selected for their innovations in the sectors of:

  • Mobility,
  • The environment,
  • Health,
  • Safety,
  • urban planning,
  • Entertainment.

The Region offers these 16 companies financial support and personalized assistance so that they can participate in the fair.

Startups from Ile-de-France exhibiting at the Ile-de-France booth at CES 2023

At the Region’s stand, in the heart of the fair’s French Tech Pavilion, the 16 companies from Ile-de-France will present their technological solutions:

  • Alicia 🇧🇷 this start-up helps communities decarbonize mobility to create an inclusive and safe city using artificial intelligence. Its intelligent traffic and mobility monitoring provides an accurate view of people’s movements and air quality to support decision-making for sustainable mobility.
  • Crampon buffet 🇧🇷 specializing in the manufacture of wind instruments, this company has developed a solution that allows you to transform a clarinet into a digital wind instrument. Thanks to it, you can practice silently with headphones or even play with an accompaniment connected to a phone.
  • ohm’s mission 🇧🇷 this start-up developed the first game console to offer the experience of an Escape Game. An interactive, sensory audio console that can be played anywhere.
  • Diapark 🇧🇷 the start-up will present a neurotechnology application solution to support and assess the evolution of Parkinson’s disease through the capture, measurement and analysis of digital neuromarkers.
  • emobot 🇧🇷 this MedTech start-up based at the Brain Institute (ICM) has developed a robot that wishes you well. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Emobot offers continuous monitoring of the emotional state. It helps identify signs of behavioral changes over a long period of time and can alert medical personnel to warning signs of psycho-affective disorders. A tool made available to EHPADs and families in particular.
  • E-XTEQ: manufacturer of battery charge/discharge and diagnostic tools for electric vehicles, the start-up will present its innovative solutions managed by a cloud system tailored for companies and individuals.
  • Pulse Range: this start-up will present KillViDTM, a technological solution that is 100% innovative and totally in tune with the times. This is a system that instantly and continuously destroys any contaminants (including viruses) in all enclosed spaces, regardless of the size of the contaminants. Completely harmless to humans and the environment, KillViDTM is based on the use of pulsed energy plasma
  • move 🇧🇷 the start-up will present an application that, thanks to artificial intelligence, helps to reduce the carbon footprint on the move. Its originality: it automatically detects all your journeys in real time, whether by bus, car, bicycle or even on foot, estimates your CO2 emissions and rewards your mobility efforts.
  • Neoplants 🇧🇷 this Ile-de-France start-up is developing the first generation of biotech plants designed to clean up indoor air. Its first product, Neo P1, is up to 30 times more effective than a conventional plant.
  • OneFlash 🇧🇷 the start-up will introduce a self-service portable battery system in stores that allows users to rent a battery and charge their laptop while remaining mobile. The purpose of these stations is to ensure mobility and connectivity throughout the customer’s journey during their visits to major retailers.
  • OVAOM: the company will come up with an innovative solution in the form of an audio game console called Sound Explorer. This unique console is designed to stimulate language in children from 3 to 10 years old. Enough to improve your attention, concentration and auditory memory in a playful way.
  • Omen: the start-up will present the 1st predictive e-health system based on artificial intelligence with the aim of reducing hospitalizations of the elderly and improving their quality of life through personalized prevention.
  • RunBlind and Jooks 🇧🇷 the 2 start-ups join forces to present a solution that will allow the visually impaired/blind to visit more than 300 cities around the world autonomously and safely. An inclusive tourist experience for everyone combined with an audioguide system that will accompany the user on their walks.
  • ShareID 🇧🇷 This start-up will offer a strong authentication solution using official identity that replicates the equivalent of a real-time ID check. All in compliance with eIDas 2 and GDPR standards.
  • UP&CHARGE 🇧🇷 the start-up will present an innovative solution for electric car users with an automatic hands-free charging system for all vehicles through 1-click induction charging. No more cables!
  • VidmizerName 🇧🇷 this start-up will introduce the innovative and powerful SaaS (software as a service) platform solution with an eco-responsible video player. The tool provides a decarbonized video delivery optimization solution to reduce carbon footprint, cost and energy consumption.

A delegation from the Ile-de-France region already preparing for CES in Las Vegas

Before participating in the largest exhibition dedicated to new technologies on the planet, the Île-de-France region brought together the 16 companies of its delegation in November 2022. The goal for them? Identify together the challenges of CES 2023 and benefit from a coaching session know everything about how the event works to optimize your presence in Nevada.

It is also an opportunity for these promising companies to meet, build the first sketches of a network and create a team spirit in the Ile-de-France region.

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