The success of gastronomy in e-commerce

Online grocery stores have also emerged to meet the needs of consumers who no longer want to go to supermarkets for shopping. They sell local produce and quality ingredients. High-quality gourmet products are a real hit with people who love to cook. Clearly, cooking e-commerce is booming!

Local and artisanal products are on the rise

Thanks to culinary e-commerce, you can order quality products while enjoying the convenience of online shopping. Do you like to prepare gourmet dishes at home? Choose an online grocery store that specializes in selling local and artisanal products. Opt for an e-merchant site that offers a selection of ingredients with local flavors to prepare the best snacks and meals.

All you have to do is select the local products you need according to the recipes you want to make in your kitchen. Fill your online shopping cart with just a few clicks! Artisanal flour, rillettes, peasant pasta, fresh or prepared vegetables, seasonal fruits, natural oysters, imperial prawns, white summer truffles, chocolate, old-fashioned sweets, etc., you will find the best products in your online grocery store.

Now let’s see the good reasons to order local and handmade products on the web:

To have quality products

An online grocery store that sells local and artisanal products allows you to order high-quality ingredients. As you may already know, a chef’s talents are not enough to create gourmet dishes worthy of the name. Above all, you need top-notch ingredients. In this, local products are perfect.

To promote fair trade

By ordering on the web, you favor fair remuneration from local producers. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats and by-products need little transport when they come from your region. Its commercialization does not require any import tax. Short circuits are more environmentally friendly and more economical. It is even more respectful of the environment because you don’t have to travel by car to buy them. These days, many delivery people are traveling by bicycle or on an electric scooter.

to stay in good health

More importantly, local produce is healthier. They arrive fresh at your doorstep and retain their nutritional values. Furthermore, many French producers favor organic farming. They do not use pesticides or other substances harmful to health. Therefore, they offer organic ingredients that do not contain chemical substances. Buying local ingredients online allows you to eat healthy at a lower cost.

Luxury drinks are not left out!

Large bottles of alcohol have also made their way to the digital market. Cyberconsumers don’t hesitate to order whiskey, Bordeaux wine or champagne to accompany their home-cooked meals. Whiskey Paris notably offers the possibility to order beautiful high quality bottles online from all over the world. In this specialized online store you will find Japanese whiskey, eternal rum from Martinique, but also the greatest wines and champagnes of the French gastronomic heritage.

Some luxury drinks are more appropriate than others in the world of French gastronomy. You’ll find them all at Whiskey Paris. Here are our suggestions:

french champagne

When we talk about gastronomy, French champagne is naturally the first drink that comes to mind. Symbolizing luxury par excellence, it completes with refinement a dish prepared with care from first-rate local products. Champagne is especially essential if you’re cooking for a reception or party.

old bordeaux wine

Bordeaux is known worldwide for its prestigious castles and vineyards. Bordeaux has become a must for anyone looking for a luxury drink. Vintage bottles are the ones that most inspire dreams. You can, for example, order online Batailley 1988, Issan 1985 or Grand Puy Ducasse 1993.

The Charterhouse

Chartreuse is a premium liqueur produced in the Alps, more precisely in the Chartreuse massif. Its recipe remains one of the greatest secrets of the monks who make it. Either way, it’s a Made in France luxury drink that you can buy online.