Companies Trophies 2022: here are the companies nominated in the category “My start-up”

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Named companies in the “My start-up” category:

SCA AG’Eau-Vital (Bourges)

Trophies for Creators of the Future, Ag’eau Vital, nominated, Ma Start-up companies

After a career in conventional agriculture, mainly in the supply of seeds and phytosanitary products, the creator of AG’Eau-Vital wants to launch his start-up to help and support farmers in the transition from the French agricultural model through cost savings. and maintaining productivity. “The product is a water treatment unit intended for the agricultural market and for which we will adapt the quality of the water to each of the preparations”, explains its founder Alain Auréjac. Target markets are arboriculture, vineyards, horticulture and arable crops. The design of the units is specific to each water point. Therefore, the first step is a complete physical-chemical analysis of the water. The objectives pursued: reduction of the amounts of phytos, as well as losses in the field (groundwater), significant savings in water used during treatments, promotion of alternative solutions to synthetic phytos, decision-making tool that accompanies the farmer in his decisions to make .

Creation date: 2021. Workforce: 1 person. Turnover: 400,000 euros (forecast 2022).

Global Smart Solutions (Labege)

Trophies of companies Creators of the future Global smart solutions, nominated, My start Up

Created in October 2019 by four co-founders, jury prize in the DefStart 2022 Contest, this start-up is developing a patented solution (Alert Box) allowing to maintain a minimum communication and the monitoring of physical parameters between the field, the emergency services, the commands even in case of blackout of the networks or in white zone. After two years of research and development, the company is in the pre-industrialization phase. Your solution is aimed at businesses, communities, emergency services or government. According to company director Henri Delattre, “the main competitive advantage is the low-cost, resilient satellite communication that allows coverage of the intervention zone even in the event of a cut in the means of communication during disasters. “. Global Smart Solutions is looking to raise funds. “Smart aggregation of heterogeneous data and its (hardware) collection is a major challenge and proof of interest confirms our predictions of a five-year turnover in excess of 100 million of euros”, aspire the founders of this startup.

Creation date: 2019. Workforce: 9 people. Turnover: 150,000 euros (forecast 2022).

Positive phase (Civray)

Trophies for companies Cher Créateurs d’avenir, Phase Plus company, My start-up category

It is a training entity for local managers, teams and health professionals. Thanks to an active and innovative pedagogy and powerful tools, including the Process Communication Model®, Phase Plus helps them to improve and harmonize relationships, management and communication. According to its founder, Maud Nivet, a professional nurse, “active and participatory pedagogy is based on concrete tools that can be immediately applied to get to know yourself better, understand others better, adapt your communication and manage stress. The health sector and its professionals who at this time more than ever need support and well-being at work find, thanks to Phase Plus training, a real and concrete improvement in relationships and communication. The young company also wants to approach VSEs that have few training offers in this area. “The Process Communication Model, a true lever in the science of adaptive communication, improves the quality of life at work on a day-to-day basis. 🇧🇷

Creation date: 2020. Workforce: 1 person. Turnover: 45,000 euros (forecast 2022).

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