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“Experience makers”, Adobe’s annual conference in Paris – which took place on November 9th – aims to help companies improve their customer experience and develop their e-commerce. Invited to take the stage, Crédit Agricole, FDJ and Printemps discussed their digital strategy with a common desire to offer more digital services, a more responsible customer experience, but attentive to the resulting technological, organizational and management impacts.

Karine Bourguignon, Deputy Executive Director, Crédit Agricole, Cécile Lagé, Deputy Executive Director, in charge of the Lottery BU and the Customer Department of the FDJ Group, and Maud Funaro, Executive Director of Transformation and member of the Executive Committee of Printemps to present their ambitions for 2025/2030.

Co-construction, a major Crédit Agricole project

Crédit Agricole’s priority is “be useful to your customers and your territories, summarizes Karine Bourguignon, Deputy General Manager. We are at your service every day. In the future, we seek to become universal to serve all customers, whether they are low-income or benefit from large capital”. This diversity of profiles makes Crédit Agricole adapt to everyone. If the bank now has 53 million customers, do you expect “win an additional million customers in the next three years”, announces Karine Bourguignon. the bank depends “organic growth improving the customer experience thanks to digital technology and mobilizing essential human resources”🇧🇷 To achieve this, Crédit Agricole is investing €20 billion in the technology sector over the next few years.

The methods implemented yesterday now seem largely insufficient given the economic context”, Karine Bourguignon DGA at Crédit Agricole

By 2030, Crédit Agricole intends to “simplify your services and be immediate”. Several objectives that allow the bank to to adapt to the changing context. The methods implemented yesterday now seem insufficient given the economic context”emphasizes the deputy general manager of customers. A priority project within the customer department is undoubtedly due to “Relational excellence must be worked on with our digital and marketing teams and with customers. I really believe in co-construction”concludes the leader.

FDJ’s ambition: “Reconciling performance and responsibility”

La Française des Jeux, France’s leader in games of chance and money, rises to 2and European ranking and 4and global. She records a 14% increase in revenue in the third quarter of 2022🇧🇷 “The game is our work, our contribution to society and responsibility are our demand”, recalls Cécile Lagé, Deputy General Manager, responsible for the Lottery BU and customer management for the FDJ group. In terms of responsibility, the FDJ aims to “Responsible gaming that doesn’t go beyond recreational play. We want to avoid addiction at all costs. We are committed to protecting the player by providing them with responsible gaming experiences.”

The game is our job, our contribution to society and responsibility are what we demand”, Cécile Lagé from FDJ

If the possible dependency is contemplated in the group’s strategy for 2030, it does not seem to be the only ambition of the FDJ. if the 30,000 points of sale generate more than 90% of the turnover, the group intends to move towards online services. 🇧🇷We expect digital to represent 20% of revenues in 2025”, Cécile Lage press release

The customer approach was different in these two distribution channels. “We collect a lot of data about our online customers to ensure the security of our services”, explains the DGA. In the future, FDJ intends to increase its customers’ knowledge at points of sale through Iand “development of hybrid scratch cards inviting consumers to continue their online experience🇧🇷 We hope to attract young customers, but of course still adults”. At the same time, the FDJ has its mobile application to find out about the news of sports competitions and possible bets. “Users can generate a QR code and go to a store and register their bet, explains Cécile Lagé. 85% of bets registered at points of sale go through this application🇧🇷

A more immersive retail offered by Printemps

The Printemps brand expresses the “need for rehumanization” “NOWe want to get back to basic trading with more emotion offering free personal shopper services to all our customers”, says Maud Funaro, General Manager Transformation and committee member. By 2025/2030, the group will evolve from “a multi-channel and multi-brand offer for an experiential destination. To achieve this, we will rely on our large warehouses, often located in places classified as historic monuments”.

However, Printemps does not neglect data and technology. “We offer our customers information about their tastes and make appointments online to better advise them”says Maud Funaro. To move towards an even more immersive retail, the brand has been developing its virtual store and launching its brand platform since March 2022🇧🇷 “This foray into Web3 allows us to offer our customers a virtual store, twin to the one located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, with more magic made possible by technology.” This launch made it possible to sell exclusive products developed by the group, to win NFTs, digital versions of works of art present at points of sale.

Our foray into Web3 allows us to offer our customers a virtual store, the twin of the one located on boulevard Haussmann”, Maud Funaro of the Printemps group

In 2030, “Stores will truly be borderless: social shopping and influence will enable a relationship between a distributor, a brand and completely channel-agnostic customers. NOWe expect all brands to be 100% circular”sums up Printemps’ general director of transformation.

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