Sunology: Nantes’ ambitious solar start-up

With PLAY stations and the HOME platform, Sunology greatly simplifies the transition to solar energy: green, free and abundant. The ambition of the Nantes start-up: solar energy for everyone, everywhere. With more than 15,000 new customers this year, Sunology is making that vision a reality and establishing itself as a market leader in residential solar energy.

A dynamic context for solar electricity

The environmental emergency, the energy crisis and calls for sobriety to preserve the future are leading consumers to gain autonomy to reduce their ecological footprint and protect themselves from the rising cost of electricity. Consequently, families are taking matters into their own hands and turning to solar self-consumption with one goal: to reduce their energy bill as much as possible. A paradigm shift that makes solar energy very attractive and competitive.

For Sunology, the growth is indeed very strong with sales multiplied by forty since January and a monthly number of new solar installations increasing from 200 to 7,000 in just a few months.

A result that can be explained by the context, the quality and the simplicity of the offer, as analyzed by Vincent Arrouet and Pascal Janot, co-founders of Sunology, who felt this desire for solar among the French: “ our solutions are innovative and allow you to switch to solar energy very easily, without restrictions, it has been our goal from the beginning to make solar energy accessible to everyone, anywhere🇧🇷 🇧🇷

PLAY & HOME: disruptive technology

After two years of self-funded research and development, Sunology has commercialized its unique technology to individuals through two products: “PLAY”, the solar station delivered ready to plug into a single outlet, and “HOME”, the solar roof platform. custom implemented remotely and in 3D.

🇧🇷 We have designed a two-dimensional offer, to plug in or install, for tenants and owners, in houses or apartments, aimed at increasing the adoption of solar equipment. confides Vincent Arrouet. 🇧🇷 If the will to manor was there, few Frenchmen crossed the course, due to the difficulties encountered or the fear of very long jobs. Therefore, we had to simplify the customer journey with the help of appropriate and effective technology to make solar energy an obvious and essential gesture. Our solutions now allow🇧🇷 🇧🇷

On the product side, the PLAY solar station is based on the principle plug & play “. Usable in a few minutes, just plug it into a standard electrical outlet to benefit from green electricity, offsetting the consumption of appliances in operation. Each station produces between 420 and 670 kWh per year, depending on where you live, and saves up to 17% electricity in a home (excluding heating) The system is also scalable and allows users to add additional stations to increase their energy autonomy.

On the installation service side, HOME’s artificial intelligence, the result of two years of R&D, takes into account factors such as geolocation, orientation, roof slope and hourly household consumption. This makes it possible to profile needs and dynamically calculate the most optimized solar roof in just two seconds of processing, tailored online and in 3D.

Sunology extends its service taking care of all administrative procedures and ensures installation through its network of partner installers. The service is automated, personalized and guarantees transparency, price accuracy and unprecedented profitability in the market.

The PLAY station and HOME solar panels benefit from disruptive technology that simplifies the customer journey and introduces solar energy into French homes

Sustained and sustainable growth

🇧🇷 Solar energy is already revolutionizing our way of life. With this renewable energy, we went from an uncontrolled subscription in terms of costs and impact, to a good that we produce and use freely. » declare Vincent Arrouet and Pascal Janot. Since demand is real and strong, the forecasts for 2022 are thus positive: over 22,000 PLAY stations and over 1,000 HOME panels were sold by the end of September.

The company thus represents more than 10% of the residential solar market since the commercialization of PLAY and HOME, and intends to continue its development: ” we achieved what no one dared to imagine: doubling the size of the solar market, appealing to all types of families, owners and tenants”, assure the two leaders. As such, the fundraising started in June will allow Sunology to continue developing its innovations, increase sales volumes and launch internationally, targeting European and English markets first.🇧🇷

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About Sunology : Faced with the environmental emergency and the explosion of energy needs, Sunology imagined a daily life where electricity is a good that we produce, use and exchange freely, instead of a service to which we must subscribe. The Nantes-based start-up co-founded by two solar pioneers, Vincent ARROUET and Pascal JANNOT, conceived and developed two innovative solutions: the PLAY solar station to be installed in 2 minutes, and the custom-made and implemented HOME solar roof. remotely.

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