Private Markets – WiSEED supports MagIA diagnostics, a pioneering start-up in ultra-rapid screening for sexually transmitted infections, for its fundraising

MagIA diagnostics is developing a portable mini-lab that performs, in 20 minutes and from a single drop of blood, a complete panel of analyzes for sexually transmitted infections (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV)

WiSEED, the leading digital investment platform, is launching a collection for the benefit of MagIA diagnostics, a Grenoble-based company (38) that develops new tools to improve infectious disease detection and patient care.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are one of the world’s public health priorities. WHO figures reveal that nearly 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, 1.8 million people die from viral hepatitis and HIV, and more than 300 million people are still unaware of their infection. This finding is an important public health problem. The global strategy developed by the WHO aims to screen more than 90% of people with HBV, HCV and HIV by 2030.

Based on the unique expertise in micromagnetism applied to biology, resulting from 15 years of research at CNRS, MagIA diagnostics has developed a portable mini-lab that, in 20 minutes, from a drop of blood taken from a fingertip, up to 6 biological analyses.

The MagIA solution, developed to address the main Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostic problems, is a low-cost (competitive with test strips) and easy-to-use (fast, no-wash, multiparametric and easy-to-use immunoassay technique). sensitive) which is based on the use of magnetic nanoparticles and micromagnets.

MagIA diagnostics chose to first develop a solution (Kit IBC©) dedicated to the combined screening of the three deadliest STIs: HIV and viral hepatitis B and C (HBV and HCV). This first kit will be destined first for screening centers in Europe and then the United States, which screen around 10 million people annually, through 4,000 screening centers and community centers that are already on the first line of screening. A market in which the company expects to reach a turnover, at maturity, of around 100 million euros (sale of cartridges and supply/sale of readers).

A first WiSEED fundraising campaign in 2020 contributed greatly to the development of the project and the improvement of its system. The funds raised allowed the development of functional prototypes with analytical performance, allowing the safe understanding of the clinical validation phase, as well as the establishment of a pilot operational production line.

The collection currently underway on the WiSEED platform aims to raise €500,000, in order to accelerate the clinical validation, CE certification and commercialization phase of the project led by MagIA diagnostics.

The project is viable from €300,000 raised and the minimum ticket is €100.

“We are delighted to be using the WISEED platform and its community for this second collection. The funds raised in 2020 during the 1st collection allowed us to make substantial progress in the development of our solution. It is to finance these clinical phases, with a view to CE marking, that we are carrying out this new fundraising that will complement the capital contribution to which our historic private shareholders have just contributed. Your support validates the progress of the project and the efforts made since the beginning of the adventure, with the same ambition: to make screening more accessible for better management of epidemics and a more effective integration of patients in the pathways of care. 🇧🇷says Cédric Bruix, managing director of MagIa Diagnostics.

Mathilde Iclanzan, Managing Director of WiSeed comments: “We are pleased to support MagIA diagnostics, which is evolving in a high-growth, positive-impact industry where WiSEED is continually strengthening its presence. MagIA diagnostics is a file that has several important advantages: its technology is unique and meets a great unmet medical need, its development stage is advanced and the potential for future applications is very attractive, beyond the field of STIs. 🇧🇷

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