LIVE – Ukraine: in Kherson, most residents still without water and electricity


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has vowed to “challenge the Putin regime” at this year’s G20, which begins December 1 in Bali, over the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “Putin’s war has wreaked havoc across the world, destroying lives and throwing the international economy into turmoil,” Sunak said in a statement before leaving for Bali on Sunday.

“This G20 summit will not be as usual. We will draw attention to the Putin regime and expose its total disregard for the kind of sovereignty and respect that forums like the G20 represent. Unlike Putin’s interruptions, Britain and our allies will work together to make significant progress in solving the economic challenges we face and improving the lives of our people,” he said.

Sunak will face Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a speech at the first plenary session of the G20, which all members are expected to attend, on Tuesday.


After jubilation, relief in Kherson. According to an AFP correspondent who managed to enter the liberated city, Sunday was not a time for rejoicing, the population expressed great relief at seeing the occupant leave.

As queues stretch outside food and emergency aid stations, many adults and children walk the streets, draped in blue and yellow Ukrainian flags. Some are gathered in the city’s main square to communicate with their loved ones via the Starlink satellite internet service relay, owned by Elon Musk.

The Russians “took everything with them. They robbed the stores,” said saleswoman Viktoria Dybovska, 30. “They cut [l’électricité] three or four days ago, just as they were starting to leave. They just disappeared overnight,” adds Antonina Vyssotchenko, 29.


If the Ukrainians have regained control of the Kherson region, where is the Russian army? Withdrawn beyond the Dnieper River, they appear to be reorganizing their defenses there. Winter is coming, and that frontline may not move until next spring.



The British Military Intelligence Daily Update on the War in Ukraine reports on Twitter that the Russian Minister of Education has announced that military training will be added to the curriculum of Russian schools from the beginning of the next school year. At least 140 hours per year must be devoted to this training.

This program is based on a Soviet-era program where schoolchildren had mandatory military training, but that had been discontinued in 1993. Young Russians then learned what emergency measures to take in case of chemical or nuclear attacks and the gestures of FIRST AID . They were also introduced to the handling and firing of Kalashnikovs.


The Canadian army announced the donation of 100,000 pieces of winter clothing to Ukrainians to help them weather the coming winter, when Russia bombed part of the country’s energy infrastructure.


Regional officials said most homes in Kherson are still without electricity and water. Therefore, the governor of the region, Yaroslav Yanushevych, said that the curfew from 5 pm to 8 am was maintained, as well as the ban on leaving or entering the city, as a security measure.

“The enemy has exploited all critical infrastructure equipment. We are trying to meet in a few days and (then) open the city,” Yaroslav Yanushevych told Ukrainian TV, adding that he expected mobile operators to start work on Sunday.

Yuriy Sobolevskiy, first vice president of the Kherson regional council, added to Ukrainian television: “Most of the houses have no electricity, no water and no problems with the gas supply.”

“RUSSIA made a mistake”

In an interview in Parisian, Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna expressed her views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to her, “Russia was wrong to choose this aggression”, noting in response a Ukrainian resistance and “a better balance of forces”, especially in Europe.

Referring to the international conference in support of Ukraine, organized in Paris on December 13, Catherine Colonna explained that it is an event to coordinate state aid to help the Ukrainian population get through the winter. “The immediate need is to help resilience, resistance, through emergency deliveries: generators, heaters, food products, water, civil security materials…”, she described. The minister added that this event would also aim to convince certain states, such as Switzerland, to help Ukraine militarily.


After Kherson’s release, Ukrainian forces are busy restoring the city’s infrastructure to work and reconnecting it to Ukraine. Return to the latest conflict-related information from the last 24 hours.


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