Electric car: Renault launches Ampere to promote Made in France worldwide!

news hardware Electric car: Renault launches Ampere to promote Made in France worldwide!

With Renault, Peugeot and Citroën, the French-style electric car has a bright future ahead of it. The future could even be bright with the ambitions of the Renault group and its new Ampere sub-entity.

Renault: the electric car in the skin

When talking about French cars, it is almost impossible not to see the Renault group. Thanks to its many branches, all specializing in one area, the group led by Luca de Meo became mandatorywhether with Dacia, Mobilize and even Alpine. At the Paris Motor Show in Paris, which took place at the beginning of October at the Porte de Versailles, we could see how ambitious the French group was!

through him Strategic renegotiation plan – released in January 2021 – the automotive giant wants to make technology the starting point for its future vehicles. Group CEO Luca de Meo explained at the launch of this far-reaching plan:

Renaulution aims to transform our business strategy from volume to value. We will give more strength to our brands, each one with its clear and differentiated territory. We will go from a car company that works with technology to a technology company that works with cars.

Photo credit: Renault Group

Since the electric car is one of the central points, it is therefore logical that Renault wants to become the number one representative of electric vehicles in France, and why not in the world? What was just a rumor finally came true this Tuesday, when the group presented its new organization, with entities dedicated by type of activity🇧🇷 Two sub-entities will therefore be created, Ampere (electric) and Power (thermal and hybrid)per allow electrical products to gain more independence and, above all, gain visibility in the financial markets🇧🇷

Ampere: the solution to go electric in the bag?

” Divide and rule. » The quote from Philip of Macedon (father of Alexander the Great) lends itself perfectly to the strategy that Renault wants to implement with its two sub-entities🇧🇷 On the one hand, we will have Power “The traditional core business of the Renault Group will continue to develop innovative low-emission thermal and hybrid vehicles under the Renault, Dacia and Renault LCV brands” and in another, Ampere who is qualified as “1st purely electric and software player born from the breakup of a traditional car manufacturer”🇧🇷

The idea behind this division is allow Renault electric vehicles to appear on the financial markets🇧🇷 As in all industries, investors are increasingly interested in environmental and technological issues🇧🇷 The stated purpose of diamond is therefore to follow the same path as some manufacturers before them (Tesla, Rivian) andgo public next year (second half of 2023). Ampere also has a target of 30% annual growth over the next eight years and a 10% margin in 2030🇧🇷 The group hopes to achieve its goals with the launch of six electric models by 2030 – Scenic, Megane, R5 and Renault 4.

Electric car: Renault launches Ampere to promote Made in France worldwide!

In turn, the subentity Power will aim to continue working on less polluting thermal and hybrid engines (70% reduction in CO2 emissions) by 2030. In particular, Dacia will have an important role to play in terms of continuing to offer “affordable mobility”. In order not to sink in the thermal market, Renault has partnered with Chinese car brand Geely, which will hold 50% of Power’s shares.🇧🇷

With this division, Renault therefore wants to take electric energy to the top of its production, giving it a privileged place through the creation of Ampere🇧🇷 A move that, overall, could be profitable for the French group, even if this sub-entity has to be able to attract investors to allow Renault to achieve its goals.

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