why Buildrz and Hestia were crowned start-up of the year

At the RENT fair, dedicated to real estate innovations, Hestia and Buildrz won the title of start-up THE RENT ORPI and the SNPI Innovation Trophy respectively.

Two prizes were on the line this Tuesday, November 8, at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The RENT fair, in which JDN is a partner, is interested in real estate news until November 11th. Competing with Piloc, the young real estate leasing company Hestia won the RENT ORPI start-up competition. The SNPI Innovation Trophy was awarded to Buildrz, a start-up specializing in land development, as opposed to Depozen and Piloc. The finalists of the two competitions, pre-selected by two professional juries, had three minutes to convince the public, responsible for deciding between them.

Hestia wins RENT ORPI start-up competition

“Our mission is to allow everyone to become an owner”, announces to the public Adrien Péligry, co-founder and CEO of Hestia. Today, many people are excluded: young workers who do not have the required contribution, those who work but do not have the Grail status of the CDI: the self-employed, the self-employed, entrepreneurs… “

Adrien Péligry, CEO of Hestia, during the pitch. © Romain Pascal, Orpi

Based in Paris, Young Shoot was launched last July in the real estate rental market. “Our customers choose a house on the market, we buy it for them, then we support them so that they can buy it later”, summarizes Adrien Péligry. In practice, Hestia starts by selecting profiles of aspiring owners, adopting a “more dynamic view than banks that are only interested in current income. We reflect on the debt capacity that an individual will have in three years”.

Three years is the duration of the lease contracts on which Hestia is committed. At the end of this period, the customer repurchases the apartment at a price fixed at the time of acquisition by the start-up: the purchase price plus a margin of “10% on average”. To financially encourage its customers to purchase the property, Hestia asks for 2% of the property value at the time of purchase. This amount will be recoverable in case of redemption. “We are also committed to paying our clients 20% of the rent paid during the lease if they buy the property,” adds the CEO.

On the strength of a first transaction carried out in Bordeaux, Hestia has set itself the goal of completing around ten by the end of the year. “And one hundred in 2023, for being present in a dozen metropolises in France”, projects Adrien Péligry. The winner of the RENT ORPI start-up competition, which raised one million euros last summer, will be able to present her project to the ORPI executive committee, as well as to the partners of the real estate agency.

Buildrz wins the SNPI Innovation Trophy

“We support players in the world of new real estate by integrating all regulatory standards (PLU, soil geometry, etc.), ecological issues as well as a vision of profitability on the same platform”, says Buildrz’s commercial director, Neil Sabbah. Thanks to AI, Buildrz digitizes the data corresponding to these three aspects, to save promoters time.

The Buildrz team receives the SNPI Innovation Trophy. © Buildrz LinkedIn Account

The young Parisian photographer helps them in three stages: prospecting land on an interactive map, qualifying the land and, finally, making real estate projects on these lands viable, with 3D modeling. “The tool is adaptable to each client, according to their needs”, specifies Neil Sabbah. Count 1,000 euros per month for the entry-level offer.

“We have multiplied our number of customers by three between 2021 and 2022”, highlights the commercial director. Today, Buildrz claims “over fifty customers”. Historically, promoters. “Right now, we are also trying to attract architects and real estate companies. And why not tomorrow’s owners”, slips Neil Sabbah. The commercial director also entrusts public support entities. “We are happy to have this missionary side that makes sense”, he celebrates. A fundraising of 3.8 million announced last May should allow the start-up launched in 2016 to develop in the UK and strengthen its workforce. The SNPI Innovation Trophy gives you the opportunity to present your project to all SNPI bodies.

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