This future Italian electric car announces XXL range and top-notch performance

Italian start-up Aehra presents its first vehicle, which takes the form of a large electric crossover with breathtaking performance. So far, little information has been revealed about him.

With the development of the electric car, many new players are entering this promising market. In fact, last August this engine accounted for 21% of sales in Europe, up from just 11% in the same period in 2020. Which legitimately makes many companies want. This is particularly the case forAehra, a Milan-based start-up that has just launched its first vehicle🇧🇷

beautiful proportions

This new crossover, whose name has not yet been made official, is therefore the company’s first model, which plans to present no less than three in total in the coming years🇧🇷 The next one will be in the form of a sedan, while the last one will be an SUV, unsurprisingly. But let’s focus first on this newcomer, whose images have just been published, showing futuristic lines and surprising proportions.

5.10 meters long, the large crossover has very short overhangs which contrasts with its long wheelbase of about three meters. Measuring 1.64 meters tall, this newcomer has a typical fastback silhouette, with a steeply sloping roof giving it the air of a concept car.

If the brand’s press release does not provide information about the Cx, it nevertheless describes important work done on aerodynamics, described as exceptional. As a reminder, the Mercedes EQS is currently the production car with the lowest air resistance, with a Cx displayed at just 0.20🇧🇷 It is then followed by the new Ioniq 6, which displays a value of 0.21. We can also mention the Lightyear 0, with its Cx of 0.175.

The machine’s look is completed by massive 23-inch rims at the front and 24-inch at the rear, while the lines are futuristic and sleek. On the other hand, no information was given about the driving position, which should, however, be quite spacious in accordance with the generous dimensions of the vehicle.

lotus crusher

For now, Aehra is giving very little technical information about its electric crossover, but we know that the power is between 550 and 600 kW, equivalent to 747 to 815 horsepower about. Suffice to say it makes a huge difference, while we don’t know if it’s a fork to cover our tracks or if multiple versions will be available. Anyway, all that power would then be distributed between the four wheels, while the speed is advertised at 265 km/h.

If the battery size was also not reported, start-up evokes a range of more than 800 kilometers on a single charge🇧🇷 An impressive number, while the Tesla Model X can only cover 560 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle in its Long Range version, not yet available in France.

as the website says automotive clean, the electric crossover would run on a voltage of 800 volts, like the Porsche Taycan and other Kia EV6s. This would allow it to reduce its load time, even if the latter has yet to be officially announced.

We’ll still have to show some patience before we see this vehicle hit our roads, as it shouldn’t see the light of day for three years. Announcing a price between $160,000 to $180,000will then have to compete head-on with the new Lotus Eletre whose prices have been made official recently.

As a reminder, the british SUV comes in various versions ranging from 603 to 905 horsepowerwith an advertised range of between 490 and 600 kilometers thanks to its 112 kWh battery.

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The Lotus Eletre SUV announcement raised as many questions as it answered. Now it’s time to know a little more about this electric car.
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