Lyon: who is Getir, the start-up that delivers your groceries in 15 minutes?

These are not stores like any other, and for good reason: there are no customers on the shelves here. Races are ordered remotely before being packaged and delivered to your home. Or how to fill your fridge in just a few clicks: welcome to the world of fast commerce.

The box has already leaked a lot of ink. And this is certainly just the beginning. This summer, several local elected officials came out to denounce the, they say, anarchic establishment of the famous “dark blinds🇧🇷 Because 🇧🇷 Too many inconveniences linked to the return trips of scooters, a threat to small traders, a questionable social model… These are, in summary, some of the criticisms formulated by the concerned elected, in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister in the middle of the summer.

What do the first interested parties say?

victory time

A few steps from the Garibaldi metro station, in the 7th arrondissement, the Getir store has undergone a renovation. A new window was installed to open to the street. Now, in addition to deliveries, customers can also order their purchases at the counter… But they go no further. On the shelves, canned goods and fresh products coexist with frozen foods and confectionery. The main references of large distribution are there. The most ordered foods are placed in the front, the least ordered are placed in the back. Everything is done to save time for order pickers and couriers.

🇧🇷We are complementary to what already exists. What we offer customers is to give them time to devote to other activities. Shopping at a supermarket can take over an hour. We offer them a solution that allows them to have the same result in a few minutes.“, Explain Nicolas Musikas, Managing Director of Getir France🇧🇷

Born in Turkey in 2015, the start-up was created in Paris before establishing itself in other big cities: Marseille, Lille or Lyon in 2021. Fast expansion, really fast. The economic model is not yet fully stabilized. This summer, Médiapart revealed series layoffs around the world.

“It’s up to us to make ourselves known”

Getir also exists in Villeurbanne and Vénissieux. But then, how to develop in these cities reluctant to fast trade?

🇧🇷It is normal for public debate to take over these issues, especially when it comes to a new company. It is up to us to make ourselves known, to explain how we work“, continues Nicolas Musikas. The company maintains good relations with the elected officials of the city of Lyon to work “on good terms“, and also defends its social model.

🇧🇷Unlike the big delivery companies, there are no self-entrepreneurs. All our employees have permanent contracts“, adds the director general, who also insists on creating jobs: 60 in total, in the Lyon conurbation. As far as inconveniences are concerned, a district referent has recently been appointed. Residents can contact him in case of problem.

The company is also working on its offerings. Coming soon to Lyon, student baskets will be sold at -50% of the regular price. Already, unsold items that are still consumables are donated to associations in Lyon that help the poorest.

“We will remain vigilant in any case”, guarantees the city of Lyon

On the side of the city of Lyon, we are suspicious of beautiful promises… 🇧🇷Delivery platforms also had a very reassuring speech with good ideas at the beginning. But they ended up giving in to the pressure of profitability… We will remain vigilant in any case, whether in discomfort or in working conditions.“, says Camille Augey, assistant responsible for trade in particular.

The elected official has met with Getir on several occasions and welcomes his integration efforts, but remains reluctant to implement this type of activity. 🇧🇷It is a social debate that must be taken to the national level. To the question of whether dark stores meet a need, one might also ask: Do all needs need to be satisfied? Personally, I don’t think so.🇧🇷

It remains to define more precise rules to regulate the development of these shutters… This is the whole subject of a government decree, which could see the light of day in December.

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