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Founded in Switzerland in 2008, the Hockerty brand has excelled in the tailored menswear market. Shirts, suits, coats, jeans and even shoes: it now offers an almost complete wardrobe. But what are these “tailor-made” clothes really worth? We give you our opinion about Hockerty in this article.

The history of the Hockerty brand

It was in 2008 that Humbert Codina, Alberto Gil and Andreu Fernandez decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. At that time, they realized that it was very difficult for men to find tailored suits or shirts. Or at very high prices.

Specialized in marketing for e-commerce, the trio launches the website no tailoring (meaning “a tailor for less”) right after a business trip to Shanghai. At the beginning of the project, the “company” offices were simply located in their room and the three friends mainly relied on the investment of their relatives, friends and relatives. But quickly, success is at the meeting point.

To make it possible to offer clothes at attractive prices, production is located in Chinaa choice still fully embraced by Hockerty today:

We are not ashamed of our “Made in Shanghai”. We want each client to benefit from recognized know-how and experience at an affordable price, while ensuring working conditions that respect our employees and the environment.

But to develop, Tailor4less must develop its technological tool. That’s how it developed a new online measurement software in 2010, in partnership with the CVC (Computer Vision Center) in Barcelona. So, at the time of ordering, an algorithm calculates the ideal measurements of the clothes, according to the customer’s height, weight and age🇧🇷

Aware of the potential of their online measurement tool, in 2015 the three friends launched a brand dedicated to women, called Sumissura (from the Italian your misura, or tailored in VF). Then in 2017, Tailor4less disappears in favor of Hockerty🇧🇷 The name changes, but not the company’s revenue, which continues to develop.

Gradually, the locker room expands. After suits and shirts, Hockerty offers tailored coats (mostly beautiful trench coats), then shoes in 2020 and jeans the year after. The acquisition of Spanish startup Bullfeet in 2022 could soon see the arrival of bespoke sneakers made with recycled materials and vegan leather.

Tailored Review for Men from Hockerty

Our opinion about Hockerty

Hockerty is one of the pioneers of tailor-made for men (long before brands like Atelier NA / Les Nouveaux Ateliers or Lanieri for example) and for that reason alone it deserves our attention.

The Swiss brand has truly revolutionized online made-to-measure (or rather, half-measure), allowing everyone to find what they are looking for in terms of cut and material, at affordable prices: from €249 for a coat, €199 for a suit, €99 for a jeans…

Hockerty Brand Reviews

The simplicity of “taking measurements” was a major contributor to Hockerty’s success. As mentioned above, the algorithm does everything itself and some morphological details (straight or arched shoulders, normal or strong chest, thin or wide belly, etc.) allow you to make more subtle adjustments. Then the machine does the rest!

AND the result is quite convincing : during the test, the jacket fits perfectly and the jeans, chosen in a slim version, hug the shape of the legs well, even if they could be even closer to the body. The shirt, which is often a more delicate piece, also fulfills the role perfectly. It is true that the precision is not that of a “real” tailor made to measure (especially in terms of the collar and sleeves), but nothing prohibitive… especially considering the prices charged.

The same goes for shoes and loafers, which we also dedicate tests to on

Hockerty tailored shirt

Above all, Hockerty created a “Perfect fit guarantee”with which it is possible to be reimbursed part of the alteration costs (up to 25%) in the workshop of your choice.

In summary, Hockerty remains an excellent choice for men looking for semi-cut clothing. Not only for the price-quality ratio, but also for the choice offered, from the jacket to the shoes, through the suit, shirt or jeans.

The best Hockerty products

Historically, Hockerty has offered tailored suits and even today, the brand offers a wide variety of them: tuxedo, 3-piece suit, double-breasted suit, in linen or tweed… there is only the constraint of choice. The base price of €199 refers to polyester models, but tweed can be found from €259; an ultra-competitive price depending on the products offered.

Tailor-made suit: from €199
Reviews Tailored suit Hockerty

If the suit can logically be complemented by the shirt, We also recommend custom Hockerty coats🇧🇷 Trench, cabin, safari jacket: there is also something for all styles, with more than 30 fabrics for a coat, for example. It is even possible to add a removable feather lining, which can be taken off on days when it is less cold.

Tailored coat: from €249
Reviews Tailored Hockerty Jacket

finally, the jeans joined the Hockerty wardrobe in 2021 and offer a great alternative to the usual denim brands. About thirty fabrics and several washes allow you to customize your pants, on which everyone can embroider their initials, choose the color of the seams, buttons and rivets. Nothing revolutionary today, but the design tool is intuitive and the result is quite satisfying.

Made-to-measure jeans: from €99
Bespoke Hockerty Jean review

Where to buy Hockerty clothes?

The specificity of Hockerty is to offer bespoke online. As such, everything happens directly on the brand’s website🇧🇷 Each product (suit, shirt, jeans, shoes, etc.) has its own tool to create your own model in just a few clicks.

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