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Almost a year after its introduction on the French market in December 2021, the multi-brand digital platform specializing in the sale of used cars to individuals completes its hybrid model by now offering two ways of purchase, one directly at the dealership, the other 100% connected.

In this week of the return of the great French mass of the (new) car, never before has the subject “automotive” presented so many complexities between the constantly rising average price of new cars – when the stock exists – and multiple convulsions. induced by ecological and energy changes.

Recent data published by the Cetelem Observatory underline an implacable reality: 7 out of 10 European motorists believe that driving a car requires financial sacrifices, but 72% (75% in France) say they cannot do without it.

A great fear for them: that they will no longer be able to move as they wish. In this context, the second-hand vehicle thus confirms its status as a sustainable market, driven in particular by the digitization of the sector.

Buying your used vehicle 100% online is now possible with Heycar

At the crossroads of two worlds, combining digital and physical networks, the heycar platform offers a unique service in its market: the online choice of used vehicles from major manufacturers’ brands, offered by a network of 2,200 approved and selected dealers, guarantee of vehicle quality.

Of the 79,000 offered on its website, more than 1,000 UV are now available for purchase 100% online, 3,000 by the end of the year.

The brand’s ambition remains identical to that which presided over its creation: to offer the best of second-hand goods and the best of the shopping experience – all adapted to the new needs of consumers in search of fluidity, quality and reassurance (Harris figures from survey for heycar of 21 November, attached).

Three possibilities are now available to the prospective buyer once he has found the expected model:

  • make an appointment at the dealership without reservations,
  • book the vehicle through the platform to test it at the dealership and finalize the purchase on the spot,
  • or buy it entirely online, from research to payment, with the possibility of free home delivery.

We are very proud to announce the launch of our commercial website, which adds the final stone to the model that has proven itself elsewhere in Europe.
As in previous markets, our long-term goal in France is to provide users with a multi-service platform beyond vehicle selection and purchase, which includes all dealer services (financing, warranty, etc.), providing online sales functions for our resellers.
We believe that everyone should be able to buy a car in the way that suits them best, we know that it is an important stage in life.
It is this journey that excites us and this evolution is the best demonstration of our commitment to offering our customers in France a completely new shopping experience.

Mathias Hioco – CEO of heycar France

What if the automotive revolution of the year wasn’t what you expected?

A highlight of the old school car, unusual and light: in a digital film shot in the form of a parody and signed by the Belle agency, hey car dares to deflect industry codes and spectacular ads for no less spectacular concept cars.

The step? In a dark decor, a canvas shape with aggressive lines.
Close-ups on lines, materials, details. A well-tuned carbon body? The latest gem of technology developed by the world’s best automotive engineers? The highly design future of the automobile?
No, just a couch. Because yes, innovation is sometimes just a matter of simplicity, and now you can access the best of used cars from home!

The French no longer want a run-down used vehicle buying experience over new ones. At heycar, we strive to raise the standards of service to create a truly enjoyable experience. It is to give substance to this promise of practicality made possible by digital technology that we have developed this activation

Mathias Hioco – CEO of heycar France

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