Even’up takes stock of season 2

On September 30, Even closed the second edition of Even’up, called innovative and responsible projects for tomorrow’s agriculture and food. ©Even

This day rich in exchanges highlighted the feedback from the four winning startups and from Even’s coaches, who followed them for a little over a year, from June 2021 to September 2022. unanimous opinion of the startups, Even’s coaches spared no effort to support them, with an availability and response capacity considered “exceptional”.

A relevant business model

At the commercial level, its “open book” involvement and its advice, oriented towards the search for added value, allowed young companies to better understand the economic realities of their future markets. Sufficient to develop relevant economic models and appropriate pricing strategies. Thanks to their business expertise, Even’s coaches helped project leaders to develop and qualify their solutions and make them evolve to a level that meets industry expectations. These exchanges were numerous, with monthly updates between coaches and start-ups, coordinated by Emmanuel Etesse, innovation consultant at Village by CA.

egg shells value

Founded in 2019 by Yacine Kabeche, Circul’egg developed a process to recover eggshells collected from casseroles. Two compounds of interest were characterized with the help of Laïta, the dairy subsidiary of the Even group: calcium carbonate from the shell and proteins from the membrane. These ingredients are likely to be of interest to the nutraceuticals, nutrition or pet food markets. To meet demand, Circul’egg will acquire an industrial tool from 2023.

optimize cleaning

Thrasos, created in 2020 by Mahieddine Chergui, offers a standalone optimization platform for CIP stations, cleaning in place. Tested at Laïta’s facilities in Yffiniac (22), the solution allowed savings of 42% in water consumption and 50% in energy, since the first tests. The start-up, which already has 11 employees, has just completed its industrial proof of concept and was awarded the Greentech Innovation seal by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

treat cattle manure

Eloi Ferracioli, director of start-up Fertinnov and his coach, Jean-Baptiste Moussière, managing director of Even agri. ©Even

Founded by Eloi Ferracioli, Fertinnov designed a system for the treatment of livestock effluents by phase separation, simple and accessible, which allows the best use of organic matter. The system has fully evolved during Even’up support. Presented at Space, at the Village by CA stand, it has already attracted many creators, interested in its low energy consumption and low maintenance required.

encapsulate coffee

Launched by Bilel Belbecir, Capsit has developed a machine that allows professionals to encapsulate their own coffee in an automated way, a compostable solution at home. Thanks to the advice of the Even teams, the machine has evolved a lot. Presented at the last Paris Coffee Show, it generated numerous pre-orders and is in the process of industrialization.

ongoing support

In everyone’s opinion, “sincere links” were created between startups, Even teams and partners. “A good understanding and fruitful collaboration, which embody our values”, greets the Even group. “Simplicity, responsibility and team spirit”.

Videos: currently on Actu

These friendly and business links will be maintained. Thus, Thrasos and the Even group are in discussions to implement the cleaning optimization solution on all Laïta sites. Even’s support for Fertinnov was extended by one year as part of an honorary loan. And Capsit will be supported.

sustainable projects

“Thanks to our support, start-ups will lead to very concrete applications”, observes Guy Le Bars, president of the Even group. “I felt a lot of pride among our teams.”

“The start-ups we support have brought us a lot through their ideas and entrepreneurial spirit,” adds Christian Griner, Managing Director. “We added durability to the specifications of the Even’up 2, a requirement that was reinforced with climatic and energy stresses. The designs they carry are even more current than they were a year ago.”

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