Netflix, Spotify, Disney+… They Created a Website to Save Money on Subscriptions

Tom and Anthony Chemaly are developing their Diivii start-up at Station F in Paris with the aim of sharing subscriptions. (©DG/actu Hauts-de-Seine)

Netflix, Canal+, Spotify or even The worldPlaystation… On average, the French spend around 15 euros in subscriptions recreation every month. A sum that allows one or two subscriptions per person. No more.

It is from this realization that divideda French start-up that share legally your online subscriptions for a few euros. “By sharing subscriptions, you can subscribe to up to six offers for the same price,” she explains.

340 euros saved per year

Created by two brothers from Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), offers almost 150 offers, from video on demand to video games, including the press. Its credo: “Share your subscriptions and save an average of 340 euros per year”.

“In March 2020, we were confined to the same place as my brother and we were going around in circles. We were done with Netflix and we also couldn’t afford to subscribe to multiple different platforms. That’s when the desire to create was born. divided. In the beginning, it started with a joke and, by dint of doing it, we started”, recalls Anthony Chemaly, co-founder of Diivii.

He was then employed in the marketing business. His brother, Tom Chemaly, was an engineer in finance. At the ages of 27 and 22, they embarked on entrepreneurship and left their jobs.

a secure service

For several months, they seek to develop “the most secure platform possible”. The solution: become like a online bankingto be able to “hold the money for 30 days”.

“That way, the co-subscriber pays at the beginning of the month and the subscription holder receives the amount at the end of the month if everything went well. It’s safe on both sides,” says Tom Chemaly.

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The end of free sharing in 2023 on Netflix

Netflix’s decision to end free sharing subscriptions has given many users a cold sweat. At Diivii, the two co-founders Anthony and Tom Chemaly want to be more reassuring. “Account sharing will always be profitable,” they say.
In early October, the American giant announced, unsurprisingly, that it will ask for an additional cost from 2023 onwards to share its account with people outside the household. “It should be around 3 euros a month”, think the co-founders of Diivii. A sum that would mean that “in any case, co-signing will remain cheaper”.

A second control is implemented: subscribers have the option to share only the number of screens available in your offer. “For example, if the offer is for five users, we can offer only four in co-subscriptions”, illustrates Anthony Chemaly. After a few months of testing, Diivii is officially launched in June 2022.

50,000 co-subscribers

Today, the platform claims “almost 50,000 co-subscribers“. A number, beyond your expectations. “We were targeting 20,000 by the end of the year. Since the beginning of the school year, it has had impressive success with students, your main target, but not only. “Between 40 and 50% of co-subscribers are over 25 years old.”

Some offers are already victims of their own success. “A co-signature for disney + it only takes 15 minutes on average”, they assure. A waiting list system is organized to be alerted in case of new availability. However, the risk of rupture is limited, they say. “If we notice that a waitlist is getting too long, we suggest that people sign up and offer as a joint subscription. It absorbs the flow of demand and so far it works very well”, they say.

The platform should break soon. “Profits are earned from bank charges. we play 20 cents in each transaction”, they explain. They hope to be able to pay a salary for the first time in the coming months.

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