Clean Automotive at SEMA Show 2022

A sign that it is finally entering American automotive culture and therefore accepted by the general public, the electric car is ubiquitous at the 2022 edition of the SEMA Show and Automobile Propre could not ignore the event that addresses the subject through fun and spectacular !

If you have to show your credentials to enter the immense halls of Exhibition of the Special Equipment Market Association, the show being strictly reserved for professionals, the show is simply exceptional. Here, 135,000 people come to discover the new products presented through, hold on tight, 2,400 booths! These new products come exclusively from the area of ​​spare parts, covering both the hot rodding like tuning and both American pickup trucks and modified electric vehicles – and especially old cars converted to electric. This year in Las Vegas, it is the latter that clearly stands out with an impressive presence, thanks in particular to the large arrival of complete ‘ready to bolt’ products and kits. They are simply everywhere in the corridors of the Convention Center, in the stands of specialists in rims and suspensions and, above all, in the imposing SEMA Electrified area, entirely dedicated to the cause.

Retrofit: international movement

With the explosive development of vehicle electrification, this year’s SEMA Show is putting the spotlight on electric conversions – a revolution in this organization created sixty years ago by supercharged (and gluttonous) V8 fans. If in 2019 we see half a dozen ‘retrofitted’ vehicles appearing at the US fair, this year their number has been multiplied by 10! At this speed, retrofit can take on significant scale in the biggest auto show
in the world, growing from 2,000 square meters dedicated to converted vehicles this year, to an entire showroom by 2025.

Sixty exhibitors of conversion elements or ready-to-fit solutions from all over the world, including Europe, were present, such as the ‘French’ Fuel2electric, who guide future owners and put them in contact with approved specialist installers. The reference in the field, Zero EV, took advantage of the fair to announce its merger with Jaunt Motor, the cutting-edge retrofit specialist in Australia. Together they become Fellten and now offer fully pre-assembled conversion solutions worldwide, including for Mini Classic, Porsche 911 and Land Rover.

The world of conversion is really booming.

In addition to the components needed for conversion, mastering the techniques is equally essential. Since this year, the retrofit sector has been emphasizing the training of professionals and individuals, online or in person. Legacy EV stands out as a forerunner with a full course offered online (soon available in multiple languages) allowing accreditation after a first conversion.

SEMA Electrified also provided an overview of the phases of a conversion with workshops and seminars. Just behind the retrofits come the modified Teslas, also appreciated by the preparers who
offer amazing colors, but also crazy modifications – like
(also) large diameter or impressive body kits.

What is SEMA Show?

SEMA is an exhibition organized by Special Equipment Market Associationa trade association founded in 1963. Since the first SEMA Show in 1967, the annual event has been the global meeting place for the entire aftermarket accessories industry and the premier opportunity to showcase new products and discover the latest trends and technologies. .

Here is our selection of the most representative machines of this 2022 edition, from the favorite, for us, to the madness, for its creators!

Jeep CJ7 Surge: Beware the Rise

Mopar, the parts division of Stellantis, fully embraces the retrofit when introducing its Jeep CJ Surge. A concept that not only demonstrates that it is possible to convert any type of machine, but above all with the support of one of the largest manufacturers in the world – a revolution in itself. The CJ Surge is powered by a 400 volt system, including a 200 kW engine installed in place of the original in-line 6-cylinder petrol unit. Bundled together in a 50 kWh package placed in the trash, 24 lithium-ion modules power everything. For exploring the mountains, imposing 35-inch off-road tires and a raised suspension are also on the program. As with many similar conversions, this Wrangler retains much of the original drivetrain, including the gearbox, transfer case and its stock differentials. The Jeep, based on a CJ7, demonstrates that Stellantis, in any case Jeep, does not rule out the idea of ​​offering electrical conversion kits for its older generation Jeeps. To follow closely.

Dodge Charger Daytona EV: The transition to electric

American icon, the current Dodge Charger knows its last days. Next year it will be replaced by a new generation destined to be electric. To start the transition with fans of compact mechanics, Dodge is offering this Charger Daytona SRT concept equipped with a 400-volt electrical system. Already introduced two months ago, here it is again with a demonic new color and wheels ready to break dragster records. The entry-level model, called the 340, for its kilowatt power, offers 455 horsepower, while the top model, the 440, will offer 590 nags. These versions can even be ‘upgraded’, more precisely electronically uncontrolled by the manufacturer in the long run. Finally an even more powerful model, equipped with 800 volts, will crown the range.

Maxwell ePRO motorhome: the sunny life of the Van

Fully converted to electricity, the Maxwell ePro van can be charged overnight on 220V Level 2 chargers or in just 30 minutes when equipped with a 200kW CCS charger. It can also travel up to 320 km per charge. Coupled with an 8,000 watt inverter, the ePro provides every possible electrical appliance from the traction battery, including the air conditioning and water heater: no more gas cylinders and, of course, refueling. The motorhome can receive up to 1,460 watts of solar panels on the roof, enough to recover 25 to 35 kilometers of range per day. Additional good point, ePro interior charge volume and payload do not change.

Land Rover Defender Hybrid: A New Definition of Hybrid

Tyler Best, better known on the web under the name Wayfind_EV, has completely redesigned this 1989 Defender, adding a 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid driveline. Installing the 3.0L V6 coupled with a synchronous motor and a 10.8kWh battery is for him. a first phase of conversion to capture this kind of radical modification. The next step will be to completely convert the English 4×4 to electric. But, as Tyler points out, if he can get past mechanics as complicated as a hybrid vehicle, a 100% electric conversion should be child’s play. We wish him.

Hot-Rod Project E: revolutionized the hot rod

What if the hot-rodding world, the American culture most passionate about V8 blocks, became the first to go electric? After all, the post-war soldiers who launched this movement wanted only one thing: to have more torque and power in their vintage cars from the 20s and 30s. Nothing beats an electric motor in this area. That’s how the Legacy EV specialist presented this amazing 1930 Ford Model A fully customized by Jason Graham, a reference in the USA, and equipped with a Cascadia engine. Beware, the numbers hurt: 302 hp and above all 500 Nm or 1500 Nm thanks to the mechanical gearbox! A battery made up of Kore modules offers 84.6 kWh and powers the motor coupled to a Cascadia Motion inverter. The future of hot-rodding is assured.

Porsche 935 K3V: watch out, grow

”Sacrilegious!” We can already hear the purists. However, it is a Porsche 935, weighing only 1300 kilos and delivering 636hp that Bisi Ezerioha presented at the fair. Rest assured, though, this is a reproduction 935 hull, based on a Kremer mould, mounted on a 1984 911. However, here, no more ‘flat 6’ in the program, but a 100% electric powertrain. Bisi remains discreet about the precise configuration of the three-phase motor developed by EV West in San Diego, but indicates that he has wisely chosen a modest 32 kWh battery in order to optimize the weight of the machine, destined for the circuit. California canyon tours – where the regenerative system can work wonders. We only dream of one thing, get behind the wheel, flip the switches and step on the right pedal until the end of the Hunaudières.

Lordstown Motors Pickup: The Electric Professional

The Endurance pick-up, intended for company fleets only, has an original and convincing configuration. The four wheels contain engines that deliver a total of 328 kW, or 440 hp. and an astronomical torque of 6,739 Nm (thanks to mechanical gearboxes). The lithium-ion battery will deliver 109 kWh when the production model goes on sale next year. Thanks to the 150 kW CCS, charging from 20 to 80% in just 45 minutes. The range should reach 320 km with capacity to tow four tons. Lordstown’s ambition is to convert the company’s fleets with a service specific to the needs of professionals.

1972 Plymouth Satellite: the muscle car of the future

Incredible, this Plymouth prepared by Kevin Erickson. He simply installed the complete rear axle of a Tesla Model S P100D. Enough to have 475kW (636 hp) and 600 Nm. Most of all, he also took out the battery modules to put them in the front and rear of the muscle car to benefit from 100 kWh. Kevin performed all the mechanical and electrical preparations himself and even programmed the entire vehicle. he has especially driven engine management to reach 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds! The American also developed a unique suspension to mount the Tesla’s mechanics to the bodywork, before installing Wilwood brakes, essential to stop this dominated giant.

The world of conversion in your magazine!

In Uncle Sam’s land, we celebrate the retrofit with the first magazine entirely dedicated to conversion, the EV Builder’s Guide. Preparations, tests, meetings with experts, detailed technical reports allow you to accurately discover the secrets of retrofit. One day maybe in France?

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