Alternative and unlimited B2B financing without dilution

By offering an alternative to professional lending and fundraising, Unlimitd, a young start-up from Lille, offers a quick and easy financing opportunity for digital companies.

First reserved for software as a service (or Software as a Service, SaaS), Unlimited’s offering quickly opened up to e-commerce and now to marketplace resellers.

With its alternative financing solutions, Unlimited has established itself as an ally of web entrepreneurs. In less than 6 months, the startup has granted 10 million euros in loans and has more than 100 customers who have already used its services. Back to your view of the market.

Meeting the needs of entrepreneurs: a challenge to be overcome in 2022

In France, bank loans and fundraising are the two main options companies have to finance their growth. However, these financing solutions that could be described as “traditional” are sometimes inadequate. This is particularly the case for young digital companies. The latter have specific and specific needs, regularly investing in customer acquisition and marketing, for example. Furthermore, these companies often depart completely from the “classic” framework of lending by banks. The current economic context, more than uncertain, does not help, of course.

“That’s where Unlimited comes in, offering financing based on a non-diluting model. This means that it will not reduce the power of the company’s shareholders. Thus, founders can keep 100% of the capital and do not have to give personal guarantees”, explains Julien Zerbib, CEO and co-founder of Unlimited.

Currently in the midst of hyper-growth, Unlimited is meeting a real need, judging by the 1,000 funding requests received in September.

Back to basics: the entrepreneur as a financing pillar

Companies with recurring revenue (SaaS, subscriptions, e-commerce and marketplace platform resellers) need a tailored, fast and transparent solution. A solution that allows for no lag in cash flow to always have capital to grow.

“Unlike a professional bank loan where monthly payments are fixed, with Unlimited the repayment of funds is calculated according to the company’s performance. Result: the entrepreneur can control his cash flow and contingencies more easily. continues Julien Zerbib.

Become a reference in digital business financing

Unlimited is a young fintech which responds to strong demand: a monthly average of 3 million euros in loans granted and more than a hundred companies financed from the most varied sectors (Asphalt, Carel and Nodaleto, Pysae and Ziqy), while its official launch took place only nine months ago.

“Today, it is about responding to a market share that until now has been very little served in France: young companies and other growing start-ups in e-commerce, digital or even SaaS, companies that have recurring revenues and, therefore, predictable, but which need immediate cash to ensure their growth. Even if these companies do not have the classic guarantees that banks expect, they finally find their solution in financing seen in an innovative and above all avant-garde way by Unlimited. concludes Julien Zerbib.

Innovative start-ups aim to simplify the day-to-day of other companies, offering offers adapted to their needs. And this also concerns the financing phase, a crucial and difficult stage for start-ups. Solutions are diversifying, thanks to the innovative power of some companies.

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