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The Vaud State Council presented its legislative program 2022-2027 on Monday. This “founding act” of the government, in exercise since July and now with a majority on the right, brings together about forty measures and a recurring theme: climate challenges.

This is also the first time that climate and sustainability are “at the heart” of the Waldensian legislative programme, Christelle Luisier, president of the Council of State, told the press in Lausanne.

Pilot of the cantonal climate plan, she noted that the next five years should allow the “realization” of the commitments already made in terms of the environment. “We will do this with all our might,” she promised on behalf of her colleagues.

In order to provide itself with the means, the Council of State decided to inject an additional amount of 200 million francs to finance various public policies linked to the Climate Plan. This amount is added to the 200 million already foreseen for the energy transition.

“It’s time to change the pace,” added Vassilis Venizelos, responsible for the environment. He said he wanted to install solar panels “everywhere possible” in the canton, develop wind power or replace electric and oil-fired heaters. Safeguarding biodiversity is also central to his commitment.

pioneer municipality

For her part, Economy Minister Isabelle Moret sees these climate challenges as “an opportunity”. According to her, the canton has what it takes to become “a pole of sustainable growth”, as it already is in terms of health (Health Valley) or food (Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley). Vaud is also set to become a “pioneer” for the circular economy of materials, as well as for the promotion of sustainable four-season tourism.

For Nuria Gorrite, responsible for infrastructure, investments in public transport will continue. “It is our responsibility to offer an alternative to the car, everywhere in the canton,” she said. The socialist also took advantage of this press conference to announce that discount vouchers will be offered on the purchase of an annual subscription to Mobilis for young people (under 25 years old) and seniors (over 65 years old).

low interest

In addition to the climate issue, the legislative program addresses several other issues. Rebecca Ruiz, for example, promised an “offensive” to train more people in the health area, plagued by the shortage of manpower. Measures must also be taken to “increase the attractiveness” of the health professions.

In the training department, Frédéric Borloz said he wanted to act against illiteracy, from which around 10% of the population would suffer. “We want to detect this problem as soon as possible and find ways to fix it. An action plan will be developed,” he explained.

In fiscal matters, Valérie Dittli recalled that a reform is planned in the 2023 budget. Deductions for expenses with health insurance and day care will be increased, while taxation on the estimate of movable assets will be reduced. Other measures to reduce the taxation of individuals have not yet been announced. All this should lead to a drop in state revenue of 250 million francs by 2027.

The new finance minister also noted that, as far as long-term financial planning is concerned, the canton must approach a balanced budget in the coming years and achieve it in 2028. However, she warned of several “risks”: the results of the SNB , the energy crisis and the uncertainties linked to inflation.

Lack of climate ambition

This legislative program was received in a mixed way by the different parties. The PS and the Greens welcome some measures, but criticize the tax reform that, according to them, will only benefit the richest. They also lament the lack of ambition on the climate front. “Many questions remain open”, writes the PS in its press release, while the Greens speak of a “green varnish”.

Also on the right, the Vaud Alliance (PLR, UDC, Center) explains that it was expecting “stronger announcements” in terms of sustainability in particular. On the other hand, she is delighted with tax relief, “a long-desired measure that finally finds its place in state planning.”

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