10 offers that are cheeky this Monday morning

In France, Black Friday is now held for almost an entire month. Merchants understood that customers didn’t want to be pressured. They therefore spread out the offers over time. At the same time, AliExpress is actively holding its Single Day with discounts galore.

To simplify your work, we prepared for you this Monday morning the summary of offers not to be missed. If you want to start the week with some precious savings, now is the time to take advantage.

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Top Black Friday and Single Day deals:

To see the offers on AliExpress, it’s here:

See offers on AliExpress

We have bad news for you: the out-of-stocks have multiplied since this weekend. Between Single Day and Black Friday, Amazon and its counterparts are taken by storm. It must be said that the French always start their end-of-the-year gifts early. And above all, they do it when there are real savings to be made.

On the internet, e-merchants have decided to push since the beginning of the month. AliExpress and Amazon have already followed suit, while competitors are still tight-lipped. That said, there are also great deals on software. Whether antivirus, VPN or not, players in this space have already aggressively started their discounts.

What to do on Black Friday?

Officially, you should know that Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday. Black Friday is therefore always the last Friday of the month. If the United States loves same-day mania, the French are more moderate. They do their shopping throughout the month of November, depending on the business.

Every day we can discover new flash sales for Black Friday on Amazon or Single Day on AliExpress. Just because it’s Monday, November 7th doesn’t mean the offers are any less interesting. In other words, you won’t necessarily find a better price on the last Friday of the month. Above all, you expose yourself to the risk of out-of-stocks.

In all electronics from leading Asian brands, Single Day is the moment not to be missed. AliExpress made it their biggest operation of the year and it is also 7 times more than Black Friday. It mainly depends on its historical partners like Xiaomi, OnePlus or home appliance brands. As an Asian e-commerce leader, but also a world leader, it has strong bargaining power.

The prices shown above on the Redmi Note 11, OnePlus, Mi 11 Ultra or Poco X4 Pro are the best you’ve ever seen in 2022. On these brands, Amazon can’t compete on Black Friday. AliExpress has no relationship with these manufacturers. So you better enjoy it now because the Single Day ends at the end of the week (November 12th).

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Cyber ​​traders are in place

In previous years, Black Friday was held more or less during periods of confinement. E-merchants therefore had an advantage as people mostly shopped over the internet. This year is different. Players must therefore reinvent themselves – and put extra effort into pricing. This is what we have seen since the beginning of the month and the French understood it well: they invaded the stocks.

If you don’t have every Monday to check out each of the e-commerce sites, our list above has the top Black Friday and Single Day deals. We update them according to stocks, flash sales and shortages. We try our best to make it perfectly readable and effective. You will always find the official price on each of the associated websites.

In France, Internet shoppers are protected by law: the government obliges e-merchants to grant customers a 14-day right of withdrawal. They can, therefore, return after a purchase if the product purchased online is not to their liking. It’s the same for the software, as all players are now given 30 days to change their minds and request a full refund of their purchase.

While demand is already very strong for this Black Friday ahead of time, products are coming out at a dizzying speed, so you need to know how to do this methodically and efficiently so as not to miss out on the good deal. Either way, e-merchants offer this safety net so you get a refund if your purchase doesn’t suit you. So, you can go there with your eyes closed on major e-commerce sites.

To discover Black Friday deals, it’s here:

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