Le Bon Maillot, the mystery box concept that is a success

Launched in July 2021, Le Bon Maillot, which offers mystery swimsuits, has changed in size. Although more than 30,000 tunics have already been sold, the start-up intends to continue its meteoric rise in this market.

“We didn’t expect any of this. » That’s what Louis Le Nevé, the 28-year-old entrepreneur behind the creation of the start-up Le Bon Maillot, told us, in all honesty, alongside his childhood friend Timothée Odin, 30. The idea of ​​this innovative, attractive and addictive project for some, intended to receive one or more mystery shirts, dates back to October 2020. “Looking at the different networks, I saw an identical concept in fashion, with mystery boxes. I told myself that there was necessarily something to do on the football field”remembers Luis.

What comes after this ad

Both men were well inspired. The rise of Le Bon Maillot has been meteoric in recent months. Since the first box sold, in July 2021, the company has taken off. 30,000 t-shirts sold in 20 countries around the world later, here it is now in a whole new dimension. It has to be said that the strategy of Le Bon Maillot, which sells from 4 years to 5XL (from €40 to €160 for used or signed shirts), also offers a range for women between almost 4,000 different shirts, but also annual boxes, transformed been profitable.

“A project between friends” having exploded on TikTok

“Basically, it was a small project between friends. Our dimension changed when we understood that everything was based on the customer experience. People get that adrenaline rush when they open the box and find their team. From February to March (2022), everyone had fun filming their “unboxing”. There is real excitement on the networks (particularly on TikTok, where over 15 videos have surpassed a million views, Ed). We’ve had a lot of content creators come to us. It can create a kind of fashion effect in which we surf »explains Louis Le Nevé.

the right swimsuit

“We have all profiles among our customers: regular players, occasional players, collectors, football fans, girlfriends who offer their boyfriends, mothers for their children”, continues the young entrepreneur. If Le Bon Maillot sells mainly in French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Luxembourg), a market in which the two brains “everything bets”the company has reached several continents (sales in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Andorra, Northern Europe, Georgia, Israel, Middle East, Maghreb…).

Priority for less popular clubs

From the business manager to the student, everyone has fallen for this formula. “We regularly have jerseys from Poland, India, China, Thailand, Northern Europe (Sweden, Iceland)specifies Louis Le Nevé, insisting on an important point. We like to offer the greatest diversity to our customers. It is also a double-edged sword: we will find true purists, like collectors with a particular sensibility, and people who consume less and who will be more happy to have a shirt that is a little better known. We often say that if you want a Barcelona, ​​PSG or Bayern jersey, as much as the customers themselves buy. We tried to find more secondary clubs to find less popular clubs that we wouldn’t think about buying the shirt from. »

the right swimsuit

“Strategically, we wanted to move away from the most popular clubs. We have some, but we find this side less pleasantassumes the co-founder of Le Bon Maillot, before qualifying. It is interesting, after all, for a customer who orders 4 or 5 shirts, to have a large and friendly team. The vast majority of us have lesser-known teams, we find that more charming. » The advantage of this mode of operation is that when receiving a shirt from a team that was previously unknown, the buyer can become attached to this club and thus start following it, or even supporting it. “Some football fans or collectors have developed a real interest in the team whose jersey they received”confirms Louis Le Nevé.

Le Bon Maillot won over its customers and equipment manufacturers

Le Bon Maillot is also distinguished by its special attention to its customers, who have the possibility to specify which clubs they wish to avoid. Be careful who would like to make them upside down: Le Bon Maillot keeps everything and knows exactly which shirts were sent to whom. A system that made it possible to retain a small and significant part of its buyers. “We have 20% of existing customers (who have ordered at least twice on the site, editor’s note) out of 20,000 and some orders placed. There are 1 in 5 customers who have placed at least two orders, that’s huge”cheers the Spinalien.

the right swimsuit

Despite all the advances achieved, Le Bon Maillot, which is supplied directly from equipment manufacturers or dealers, did not have great difficulties in establishing itself in this market, which is still being explored in France, unlike our English neighbors. “It was easy for two reasons.analyzes Louis Le Nevé. We really arrived as an added value for brands. Unlike the big retailers they work with, we don’t have to worry about the year of the shirt. We position ourselves at a low price (from €39.99). Our customers know that at this price they will not have the last shirt in store, which costs €140. Whatever happens, the shirt is new and labeled. We recover stocks of them “that no one else wants”. There are great deals to be had. The real complexity we had was proving to them that we’re believable. Without any pretense, we manage to be, because we make volume. We sell over 30,000 shirts in 20 countries around the world. We arrived with a different cap. »

Rugby and basketball will soon have their mystery box

Now that a milestone has been reached, Le Bon Maillot, which is expected to reach a turnover of 1.5 million euros in its first year, has big ambitions for the future. The company intends to have 10 members on its staff by January 2023. Especially as big projects are coming, with the implementation of a similar mystery box system for rugby and basketball. Without, of course, forgetting about football. “We really want to continue to grow significantly. We realized that we had not yet explored anything in the world of football. »

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