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As ZFEs are expected to spread across French territory, here is a general summary of what awaits drivers in these areas.

Will your vehicle be banned soon from more than 40 cities in France? This is likely to happen. In fact, the development of Low Emission Zones prevent millions of drivers from moving freely in certain areas. This is to improve the air quality in the areas in question.

A ZFE, but what is it?

“An EPZ is intended to protect populations in the most polluted dense areas”we read on the Métropole du Grand Paris website. “Its principle: to encourage the circulation of cleaner vehicles. » To circulate in an ZFE, the Crit’Air sticker must be affixed to the windshield. It allows to distinguish vehicles according to their level of emission of atmospheric pollutants. The most polluting and the “not classified” will not be able to circulate in the ZFE at certain times.

This is the principle of EPZs. Restrict access to the perimeters of certain agglomerations to vehicles considered too polluting. For this, the Crit’Air adhesive is used, which classifies vehicles according to a certain level of pollution. Thus, the less virtuous miniatures see their access gradually restricted.

Where will these areas be implemented?

By 2025, EPZs will be installed in France in all agglomerations with more than 150,000 inhabitants. France will therefore have 45 of these perimeters, in which vehicles considered more polluting will be banned. Here are the cities, metropolises involved:

  • Dunkirk
  • Douai lens
  • Lille
  • valenciennes
  • Paris – Metropolis of Greater Paris
  • Reims
  • Metz
  • strasbourg
  • nancy
  • Mulhouse
  • Clermont Ferrand
  • Dijon
  • Lyon
  • Annemasse
  • Annecy
  • chambery
  • Grenoble
  • nice
  • toulon
  • Aix-Marseille
  • Avignon
  • Nimes
  • perpignan
  • Montpellier
  • Paul
  • bayona
  • toulouse
  • Saint Etienne
  • bordeaux
  • Limoges
  • orleans
  • towers
  • Rage
  • nantes
  • Saint Nazario
  • Le Mans
  • Brest
  • reindeer
  • caen
  • Le Havre
  • Rouen
  • amiens
  • Bethune

What is the deadline for this action?

The idea of ​​EPZs is appeared in 2019, before being voted on in 2021, in the Climate and Resilience Law. The latter generalized the principle. Thus, by December 31, 2024, all agglomerations with more than 150,000 inhabitants must have created their own zone of this type.

The basic path provided for by law is that it’s progressive. Thus, Crit’Air 5 should be banned in 2023, then Crit’Air 4 in 2024 and Crit’Air 3 in 2025. However, several cities have decided to be banned. more difficult to tighten the screw. The Metropolis of Lyon is thus taking a year ahead, banning Crit’Air 4 from 2023, Crit’Air 3 from 2024.

Which vehicles will be banned from SPAs?

the principle of the Crit’Air stickerclassifying vehicles according to their mode of propulsion, year and their pollution, will be used to discriminate between vehicles. In the idea, vehicles considered older and therefore more polluting will be gradually banned.

In many cities, the last known stage at the moment concerns the ban on Crit’Air 3 cars and beyond, for 2024. However, in some of these areas, like Lyon, this goes as far as Crit’Air 2, banned as of September 1, 2026.

Will there be any exemptions?

The answer is yea ! But these will remain very limited. They will affect the following vehicles:

  • National, general interest, state vehicles
  • Vehicles with mobility inclusion card (disabled person or people with limited mobility)
  • collectible vehicles

Other derogations from time to time, depending on family income, for example, can be offered locally in each metropolis. It is then up to you to place the order, by your own means.

What help to change vehicles?

The government is creating various aids for drivers to help them equip themselves with a new vehicle that meets the pollution criteria in effect. We found it like this an ecological bonus, which can reach 7,000 euros for the poorest families. The latter is used to lower the price of a new or used hybrid, electric or hydrogen vehicle.

The conversion bonus, in turn, rewards the scrapping of an old vehicle. The latter allows you to benefit from up to 3,000 euros for the purchase of a thermal vehicle new or used. A prize that can rise up to 5,000 euros in the case of an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid.

The government is also committed to a system of microcredit clean vehicles. The latter is intended to “people excluded from the traditional banking system”according to the website of the Ministry of Ecology.

Eligible vehicles are defined according to the same criteria as the conversion bonus. The amount, calculated according to the applicant’s income, can reach €5,000. It can be combined with the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus seen above.

A zero rate loan will be in experimentation from 2023to help low-income families switch from their thermal vehicle to an electric or rechargeable hybrid.

Not respecting an ZFE, how much will it cost?

Expensive. Offenders will, in fact, expose themselves to a class 3 crime. This means a fine of 68 euros, which can be reduced to 45 euros or increased to 180 euros. Maximum, the latter can reach 450 euros.

AND no driver should be able to escape it. In fact, the government wants to establish a system of “automatic sanctions control”. The “technical characteristics of the selected projects will be presented when they are known”, detailed at the end of October Christophe Béchu, Minister for Ecological Transition.

Who opposes EPZs?

These traffic bans targeting the oldest vehicles in the French car fleet are not to everyone’s liking. Some see it like this discrimination against the less fortunatenot having the means to purchase a vehicle that meets the ZFE criteria.

This is particularly the case of Anne-Sophie Frigout, RN deputy for the 2nd district of Marne. The latter presented, at the end of September, a bill to remove these areas. she is especially supported by the association 40 Million Driverswhich has long campaigned against EPZs and has also launched a tour of France to discover the excluded future of cities.

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