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The cantons of Valais and Geneva are fighting over the BFMTV boss’s taxes, Elon Musk’s excessive Twitter ambition, the message from the co-founder and director of Memorial, Nobel Peace Prize winner, the “white farmer” savior of 5 million hectares of forest and a far-right movement that rocks Zurich: these are RTSinfo’s five picks of the week.

RESEARCH – Geneva and Valais dispute BFMTV boss’s taxes

Where does Patrick Drahi, owner of the French television channel BFMTV but also of the auction house Sotheby’s, actually live? On paper, the businessman who weighs between 10 and 11 billion francs, according to Bilan, is domiciled in Zermatt, Valais. He benefits from a flat tax granted by the Valais authorities.

But the canton of Geneva is convinced that he really lives in the luxurious city of Cologny with his wife. In June 2019, Geneva opened an investigation against him and later decided to claim money from him. This measure is challenged in court by Patrick Drahi.

This unpublished information comes from documents of a computer leak. These thousands of pages consulted by the RTS Research Center and highlight the struggle that cantons are engaged in to attract wealthy foreigners.

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The head of BFM TV, which benefits from a tax package in Valais, in the sights of the Geneva tax authorities. / 19:30 / 2 min. / Tuesday at 7:30 pm

INTERVIEW – X, the mysterious application of Elon Musk

By purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk wants to create a “big app”: the X app. Elon Musk wants to be inspired by the Chinese WeChat, creating a “huge app” with social networking, private messages… “It will be a great capture system of industrial and personal data, particularly if it is correlated with your projects, including Starlink (satellite network to ensure an internet connection, editor’s note)”, advances Asma Mhalla, professor at Sciences-Po Paris and Ecole polytechnique, on Wednesday at Tout un monde.

And to add: “In the very short term, there is a question of profitability. In the long term, Twitter is for Elon Musk a ready-made technology solution to develop his X application.”

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Elon Musk’s Twitter project… and for us: interview with Asma Mhalla / All / 12 min. / Wednesday at 08:14

INTERVIEW – “Return of the Stalinist model” in Russia

The Russian NGO Memorial, created by Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, received the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 on October 7th. The organization is now being cracked down by the Russian government. “We see that even though many people in Russia don’t agree, that many protests, massacres happen, destruction happens,” explains its co-founder and director Elena Zhemkova, interviewed Thursday at 7:30 pm. “The war continues. It’s scary to realize that I’m a citizen of a country that couldn’t stop it.”

The question of whether Russia is returning to a Soviet-style authoritarian system has often been posed in the press or by commentators. For Elena Zhemkova, “this is not a return to the Soviet Union, it is a return to a myth about the Soviet Union. many people who are ready to accept this beautiful image”.

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The Russian NGO Memorial received the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. Its director Elena Zhemkova is the guest at 7:30 pm. [RTS]

The Russian NGO Memorial received the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. Its director Elena Zhemkova is the guest at 19:30 / 19:30 / 3 min. / Thursday at 7:30 pm

REPORT – The “crazy white farmer”, savior of buried forests

Tony Rinaudo has loved trees since he was a child, long before he started studying agronomy. In South Australia, where he was born, he always examined its shape, its growth, its foliage, its roots.

Now an agronomist, this enthusiast is trying to save his beloved trees around the world. He started to reforest arid areas by regenerating forest remnants buried in the ground. Particularly in Niger, where he left with his wife to work as a missionary and where he inherited a tree-planting project.

The project launched in Niger aimed to plant around 6,000 trees a year. “The idea was to stop the advance of the desert and help the villagers to obtain firewood and, more generally, to satisfy their wood needs”, confided Tony Rinaudo on Monday in the Tout un monde program.

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The Australian agronomist who brings forests to life / All / 6 min. / Monday at 08:16

DESCRIPTION – Junge Tat, Zurich’s uninhibited far right

On October 16, a handful of hooded youths, smoke bombs in hand, arrive at the Tanzhaus in Zurich and interrupt a family reading event animated by drag queens. These readings have been smoothly organized for four years by the city’s LGBT community.

A few days after this coup, two members of the far-right group Junge Tat – “Young Action” in French – claim the operation in a video posted on social media. Unusually for the radical right, they come out openly: “We Junge Tat are committed to a healthy, intact family,” says one.

According to experts, this case witnesses the rise in Switzerland of an increasingly uninhibited right-wing extremism.

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In Zurich, a far-right group no longer hesitates to expose itself [RTS]

In Zurich, a far-right group no longer hesitates to go out in the open air / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / Wednesday at 7:30 pm

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