the 10 most anticipated news in 2023

From the popular city car to the luxury SUV, discover a preview of ten new, as-yet-unrevealed electric models that will mark the year 2023.

BMW i5

BMW gives customers the power to choose the engine that’s right for them. Each new model is available in petrol, diesel, hybrid and 100% electric. So, after the X1 and the 7 Series in 2022, it will be the turn of the 5 Series to have an equivalent i. Logically named i5, this modern road car will therefore be close to the 5 Series, distinguished only by a few styling elements that will make the car more aerodynamic. The silhouette will thus remain classic, a radically different choice from Mercedes with the EQE. We must find in the bowels of the technical elements of the i5 (motors, batteries) already seen in the other i. The longest range should exceed 600 km.

Citroën ë-C3

At the end of September, the chevrons presented the Oli, a concept that marks the return of Citroën as a popular brand and gateway to Stellantis, with Fiat. The manufacturer thus wants to democratize access to the electric car. The first stage will be based on the new generation of the C3, whose presentation will take place later this year. Two versions would be in preparation: one with a technical sheet similar to the one we know in the rest of the group, with 350 to 400 km of autonomy, and above all an economic ë-C3 with deflated services, which would attack the Dacia Spring. The basis of work is the new “low-cost” C3 launched in India, but according to our colleagues at Argus, adapting it for Europe would require more work than expected.

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Fiat 600

Between the 500 and the Tipo, there is a big hole in the Fiat range. The company also completely abandoned the B-segment of versatile urban models while being a heavyweight in that market in Europe. The manufacturer is finally getting ready to conquer it again thanks to a new model, which will be able to adopt the name 600. The vehicle will be an electric urban SUV, approximately 4.10 meters long. It will share its technical base with the Jeep Avenger, the latter with a 156 hp engine and a range of 400 km. The two cars will also be assembled together in Poland. The Fiat boss has planned a presentation at the beginning of the new year, but so far no prototype in shape has been seen.

Ford Cougar

Ford has big ambitions for electric cars. However, the electrification of the range feels breathless! To date, on the passenger car side, there is only the Mach-E, at a price that has become a premium, in excess of €60,000. The downgrade will be done gradually, with in 2023 a new model designed primarily for the European market (left in the teaser here). It is a compact SUV, born of an agreement with Volkswagen. It will thus be based on the MEB platform used by ID.4. But this new vehicle, which could revive the Cougar name, will be produced at a Ford plant in Cologne. The technical characteristics promise to be close to those of the VW, which offers up to 530 km of autonomy.

Hyundai Kona

Kia having renewed the Niro, we await the arrival of the second generation of its technical cousin, the Kona. Of course, the model should not evolve too technically, as was the case with the Kia, which has a 204 hp engine and 64.8 kWh battery, for a range of 463 km. This remains a very good value in the electric urban SUV market. Kona, on the other hand, will make its aesthetic revolution. The first was already original, the next will be even more so. The front and back will, for example, be crossed out with a thick light bar.

MG Cyberster

The MG brand, which now bears the Chinese flag, has not forgotten the brand’s entire British history. So there will be an MG roadster again! And like the company’s new productions, this convertible with soft top will be electric. The vehicle was announced for a concept in 2021. At the time, MG promised a range from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds and a very long range, 800 km. The production version has already been announced (in August 2022) and will be fully revealed in 2023.

New Mini

The Mini Hatch will be split. The brand is preparing a whole new generation dedicated to electric, which will be produced in China in partnership with Great Wall (thermal will evolve again, and will continue to be assembled in the United Kingdom). This change will be an opportunity to develop the design. Of course, the silhouette and strong elements like the round optics will be kept, but the designers will take some liberties with certain parts, like the lights. On board, the center circle will become XXL. If the brand has already shown camouflaged prototypes (so much to disrupt the work of hole hunters), it still hasn’t said anything in the technical sheet. We hope to have better autonomy, the current stabilizing at 233 km.

Nissan Chill Out

The first mass-produced electric Nissan will not have a third generation. The compact Leaf will indeed disappear to make way for a crossover. This was foreshadowed by the Chill-Out concept car (pictured), which looks like an SUV coupé, with streamlined shapes and smooth surfaces. The model will take on the new CMF-EV platform, which was inaugurated by older brother Ariya and later acquired by Mégane E-Tech. It will be assembled in place of the Leaf at the English factory in Sunderland. However, we will have to wait until the end of 2023 to see it.

Porsche Macan

Here is an Arlesian! Promised for years, the electric Macan continues to be pushed back. Scheduled in 2021, then in 2022, it should be presented at the end of 2023, for an arrival on the roads in 2024. Development is overloaded by the software part, Cariad, the dedicated subsidiary of the Volkswagen group having not insured. Porsche is wasting its time… although the company is already struggling to produce the Taycan due to a semiconductor shortage. The electric Macan will have a new base dedicated to electric, the PPE, and a more dynamic style than the thermal one, with touches of an SUV coupe.

Renault R5

So yes, the new electric R5 will be in dealerships in early 2024. But it will be presented in 2023, during the second half of the year. Renault is even expected to open the order books in the fall. The Diamond brand launched tests with mules a few weeks ago, that is, the technical base of the car hidden under the Clio’s body. Prototypes with the final silhouette should not be long. Renault has promised that the production version will be very close to the herald concept, which is therefore a neo-retro version of the 5 born in 1972. The R5 will have technical characteristics similar to those of the Zoé, that is, 400 km of autonomy and a 100 kW block. But a version with a smaller battery will allow for a more attractive base price.

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