Bordeaux startup in difficulty Sunday is taken over by Niçois Fingertips

We remember Nelly Meunier’s smile and energy as she championed her silver-saving business project before the M6’s cameras in early 2020. During the first season of “Who Wants to Be My Partner,” Domingo’s CEO and co-founder convinced Delphine André to invest 200 thousand euros in exchange for 10% of the company’s capital, allowing the Bordeaux startup, created in 2016, to be valued at around two million euros.

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But two years later, the situation got complicated for Sunday, which develops and markets the Sunday Box, a BtoC solution for sharing photos and videos for seniors, and Sunday Junior, a BtoB solution for exchanging videos between children born prematurely and their country . If Nelly Meunier today claims 22,000 boxes sold to 130,000 users, the economic model has struggled to consolidate in recent months. Despite €1.4 million in revenue in 2021, compared to €540,000 in 2019, the startup faced cash flow difficulties that resulted in a pivot in spring 2022 to a subscription-based system to generate recurring revenue.

A friendly procedure to prepare the transfer

“The yellow vest sequence, supply difficulties in China, Covid and distribution issues were very complicated to manage and posed cash flow problems for us as a hardware-positioned startup. [le matériel]. The fundraising we wanted at the beginning of the year did not happen, mainly because the hardware continues to scare investors”, summarizes Nelly Meunier.

The manager, in front of a dozen employees, thus decides to carry out a “pre-package sale” in June 2022. This is a friendly procedure that consists of preparing the total or partial sale of the company’s assets within the scope of of a collective process. This took place on 26 September through liquidation before the Commercial Court of Bordeaux validated Sunday’s 100% equity acquisition by Fingertips on Thursday 3 November. Created in 2013 and managed by Alain Tixier, this Nice startup with seven employees operates in a neighboring market with its Viktor connected pillow sold in BtoB to medical establishments for seniors.

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“Two complementary products”

“I am pleased to pass the torch to Alain Tixier and his team to continue Sunday’s development. I will be following the transition for a few months before moving on to other business projects after nine years of developing this company”, says Nelly Meunier. In turn, Alain Texier shows his satisfaction and his ambitions:

“We share common values ​​with Nelly Meunier and that played a role in the Commercial Court’s choice of ten buyers in the queue. The Sunday Box is a solution that will continue to evolve evolving in coherence with Viktor. two products that will expand our offer to seniors with regard to different degrees of loss of autonomy. We want to keep the location in Bordeaux and allow, for example, the Sunday Box at 20:00 to be part of our teleconsultation service.”

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repatriate manufacturing

With 2,000 Viktor pads in place, Fingertips generates annual sales of less than one million euros. The startup, which turned to a subscription model in 2021, should reach profitability in early 2023. Unlike Domingo, who opted for production in China, Alain Tixier has his tool made in France, namely mobilizing insertion. A model that will be quickly duplicated on Sunday. “We will repatriate the manufacture of the case to France, if possible in connection with the regional ecosystem of Bordeaux. This is an important element for us”, confirms Alain Tixier.

After raising 1.1 million euros last July, namely to fund Sunday’s takeover, the Fingertips leader is now planning a new round of funding until the end of 2023 to raise around 1.5 million euros. euros.

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