Better than Black Friday, this single day bleeds all prices (-80%)

If Amazon dominates Black Friday, AliExpress has a Single Day just for you. The world’s leading e-merchant is hosting this operation from November 1st to 12th with flash offers punctuating the event. At the price level, AliExpress does much better than the American one. However, its product catalog is more geared towards Asian brands.

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For those who want to buy products from prestigious brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus or Roborock, Single Day is the perfect time. On Black Friday, even on Amazon, you won’t be able to find this good. Single Day is 7x higher than Black Friday in terms of revenue, and this is partly due to the quality of prices. Below is a list of good deals.

Ranking the best Singles Day deals:

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Since Tuesday, AliExpress has been constantly releasing new flash sales to entice the French public. The merchant can offer a triple discount on certain products: the instant discount, a seller coupon and an additional promotional code. That’s how you can save more. The total percentages are pretty lewd: the latest OnePlus 10 Pro, Roborock S7 or Poco X4 Pro lose almost 50%.

AliExpress bleeds all products

It is true that AliExpress does not have a catalog as wide as Black Friday. However, the e-commerce platform does not fake the broken prices. Above, we’ve made a non-exhaustive list of a dozen good deals. If you were planning to go for any of these products, you should take advantage of this opportunity. For Black Friday, you’ll never find it this good – especially since AliExpress doesn’t participate.

The Single Day is an event that was created by AliExpress (and Alibaba) in 2009. It is a symbolic date, 11.11, which is the culmination of the operation. This singles day is a big event across Asia and leads to a shopping frenzy. It is mainly related to the discounts displayed by the merchant, which are simply mind-blowing. During the rest of the year, we didn’t see such low prices.

In its 2021 one-day operation, AliExpress generated nearly $85 billion. To give a point of comparison, this is 10 times more than the turnover of the Fnac Darty group for the whole year 2021 (about 8 billion euros). To reach such an extreme level, there is no secret: you need popular products and unbeatable prices. That’s what he offers this Friday of the operation.

What is certain is that stocks are disappearing very quickly: this is already the case with the Redmi Note 11 Pro which is unfortunately no longer available. The other products are also suspended for this Single Day: AliExpress honestly displays the remaining quantities in each of the models. Just access the spreadsheet of each of them to see if there is an urgency to convert your purchase or not.

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Single Day is a resounding success

AliExpress today competes with Amazon, Fnac or Cdiscount. The merchant made a real luxury move to position himself in front of them. It has also adopted all French standards to provide a better customer experience: products are shipped from warehouses in France within a few days, and it’s free. There are also 14 days after delivery to pick up, return the product and get a refund.

Whether Single Day, Black Friday or any other time of year, AliExpress is uncompromising on these principles. France, which is one of its biggest markets outside of Asia, is taken very seriously. This special operation in early November is ideal if you want to start saving money. All indicators are green to have a good shopping experience, on popular products and crazy prices.

Earlier on this page, we listed our favorites from Single Day, this Black Friday alternative. Among the products that we really like, and whose discount is daring, is the Roborock S7. This robot vacuum cleaner from the Roborock brand is an exceptional product: it will save you from doing housework as it is fully autonomous. Above all, it is very effective.

In addition to this model, there is also the Mi Pad 5 tablet from Xiaomi that is priced absurdly. It’s the ideal gift for Christmas: it’s a kind of alternative to the iPad Pro, only 4 times cheaper. As a reminder, the new iPad Pros now exceed 1,000 euros. For comparison, Xiaomi’s touch pad costs 274 euros. This is one of the best sellers of this Single Day on AliExpress.

We could continue the list like this: the prices are crazy. That being said, you can also take a look at the merchant’s website to find out all the current offers. You have to be patient because the catalog is still large, and the products are quite varied. This alternative to Black Friday, known as Single Day, surprises us with its quality, but the stock can quickly disappear due to the craze.

To do the Single Day, it’s here:

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