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Caritas Switzerland and ALDI SWITZERLAND can look back on ten years of fruitful collaboration. On this occasion, ALDI SWITZERLAND launches an important anniversary action in favor of Caritas. For every birthday loaf sold, the retailer donates one franc. So far, ALDI SWITZERLAND has supported its partners’ aid projects with more than one million francs.


  • Great November 2022 Anniversary Action in favor of Caritas Switzerland
  • For every birthday loaf sold, the retailer donates a franc
  • So far, ALDI SWITZERLAND has donated more than CHF 1 million to its longtime partner
  • The partnership makes it possible to carry out several projects for families affected by poverty

One franc for each birthday loaf

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its partnership with Caritas Switzerland, ALDI SUISSE launches an original donation campaign. For every loaf sold with the partnership’s wafer, the retailer donates a franc to the humanitarian organization. “We sincerely thank Caritas for this long-standing partnership and look forward to cooperating with complete confidence for many years to come”, underlines Jérôme Meyer, National Director of ALDI SWITZERLAND. “By buying this bread, our customers are helping many people in need” In addition, the retailer has extended the collaboration with its partner for three years. ALDI SUISSE thus gives a strong sign of its social commitment in society. Anniversary action starts November 1, 2022 and can be supported while supplies last.

The joint partnership celebrates its 10th anniversary

For ten years, Caritas Switzerland and ALDI SUISSE have been linked by a partnership. During this period, the Swiss retailer has so far donated more than one million francs to the Caritas fund for families affected by or at risk of poverty in Switzerland. In addition, five tons of non-food items such as clothes or books were distributed to people in need. “A big thank you to all ALDI SWITZERLAND customers who, by buying the birthday bread, contribute to helping disadvantaged families”, says Peter Lack, director of Caritas Switzerland. “We are looking forward to the coming years of good cooperation with ALDI SWITZERLAND in order to continue to do good deeds together.”

Games and entertainment for underprivileged children

The donations from ALDI SUISSE make it possible to carry out numerous projects of Caritas Switzerland. One example among many others is the support to disadvantaged children to go to the sports fields of ALDI SWITZERLAND. Attending summer camps is often out of reach for children from families on tight budgets. That is why Caritas Switzerland and ALDI SUISSE jointly support the families involved. A total of 80 children can spend a week playing and having fun for free on the ALDI sports fields. The two partners thus allow the children to have a carefree time while making new friends.


ALDI SUISSE AG is a Swiss company based in Schwarzenbach (SG) and part of the ALDI SÜD Group, a successful global retail company. Simplicity, responsibility and reliability are the core values ​​of entrepreneurial activities. This means that, in addition to offering high quality products at low and sustainable prices, we guarantee sustainable production that respects the environment and animals. A large part of the turnover of the standard assortment of ALDI SWISS, comprising around 1,800 items, is generated by Swiss products. With over 3,900 employees and 234 branches, ALDI SUISSE has established itself since 2005 as one of the largest employers in Swiss retail.

About Caritas Switzerland

Caritas Switzerland is an independent association based in Lucerne. Caritas Switzerland prevents, alleviates and combats poverty in Switzerland and worldwide. The organization is a member of the international Caritas network. This includes organizations in 165 countries around the world. Caritas Switzerland works with its network of regional Caritas organizations for people affected by poverty in wealthy Switzerland: families, single parents, the unemployed, the working poor. Caritas takes care of asylum seekers and refugees and offers legal advice.

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