The diesel car is in full decline: the electric one overtakes it once again in France

While gasoline continues to dominate the market, more electric cars were sold in October than diesel. In turn, the ranking changed slightly, while the Renault Mégane E-Tech gave way to the Peugeot e-208 and the Tesla Model 3 strengthened its position throughout the year. The Model Y is far from the best-selling car in France at the moment.

After more than a year of decline, new car sales finally started to rise again in August and September. A positive trend which was confirmed once again in October, with 124,981 registrations, an increase of 5.5% as detailed in the press release from AAA Data, which specializes in data related to the automotive market. However, this improvement should be viewed with caution, as the numbers are still far from those of 2019, with records below 33.9% compared to that year.

A real success for the electric

Looking at the total since the beginning of the year, the data is also not very encouraging, as sales fall 10.3% between January and October. However, not all vehicles are created equal. Indeed, Electric car sales surpassed diesel, with 13% market share respectively for these two engines.

Admittedly, the difference is small, with 16,861 and 16,850 records respectively, but the symbol is strong. Especially since this is the second time this has happened, the first being in September. Should we see this as a sign of a clear evolution in the automotive market? Undoubtedly. And this trend could be confirmed in the coming months until the end of the year, when the government announced an increase in the ecological bonus to 7,000 euros for the most modest families.

Enough to encourage motorists to switch to electric, while the amount of aid for the rest of families will increase to 5,000 euros from 1 January 2023. So it would be logical to expect an increase in vehicle registrations here in December. If the market is still dominated by gasoline, electricity already accounts for 13% of sales since the beginning of the year, compared to only 8.5% compared to the same period in 2021.

A clear increase, which is undoubtedly explained by tax incentives, but above all by the increasing offer, with more accessible models like the Dacia Spring. But also because of the rapidly expanding network of charging stations, while autonomy remains one of the main obstacles to buying an electric car.

a french star

In contrast, Plug-in hybrid models are struggling to seduce, while sales are down 12% since the beginning of the year. Still a minority in relation to other engines, these may end up disappearing in the coming years, while the European Union aims for a 100% reduction in CO2 emissions from new cars by 2035, which is equivalent to the end of the sale of thermal models, be 100% or hybrids.

But then, which models managed to maintain themselves in October? After leading sales from July to September, the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric finally ceded its leading position to another model, the Peugeot e-208. Sold 2,350 copies last month, the electric city car has also led sales since the beginning of the year, with 16,458 units sold since January.

Mégane occupies the 2nd position in the October ranking, with 2,109 copies, just behind its rival. The Fiat 500 follows, with 1,276 units sold. Looking at the numbers since the beginning of the year, it is the Italian city car that comes in second place (13,730 copies), followed by the Dacia Spring (13,572 copies).

Tesla: where is the Model Y?

And Tesla in all this? The Model 3 is placed at the foot of the podium, in fourth place, in the ranking from January to October, with 11,521 entries. Position it holds in October, when 1,256 copies were sold last month. On the other hand, no Model Y in the monthly ranking (she is in 11th place), whileranks 8th in sales since the beginning of the yearwith 6,508 units.

No wonder, when branded vehicles are delivered infrequently. In fact, they are mostly transported by boat from China, except for a few versions of the Model Y that come from the Gigafactory in Berlin. The acceleration of the production rate of the electric SUV in Berlin should help it to present more regular numbers, especially with the arrival of the Model Y Propulsion that is expected to appear in the November numbers.

Tesla Model Y Performance, Quicksilver colorway // Source: Tesla

Be that as it may, the latter is already having great success when it was the best-selling new car in Europe in September, all engines combined. A figure to be put into perspective, deliveries sometimes being made all at once, after several weeks of calm.

Interesting facts: the Leapmotor T03 was registered in a copy, certainly the exhibition model of the French dealer EVE based in Toulouse. As for the Honda e, it continues its descent into hell with just one car registered this month.

Top 10 from January to October 2022

Here are the 10 most registered electric cars in France in total between January and October 2022.

Car number of registrations
PEUGEOT e208 16,458
FIAT 500 13,730
TESLA MODEL 3 11,521
PEUGEOT e2008 6,123
HYUNDAI KONA Electric 5,332

Top 10 in October 2022

Here are the 10 most registered electric cars in France as of October 2022.

Car number of registrations
PEUGEOT e208 2,350
FIAT 500 1,276
PEUGEOT e2008 642
HYUNDAI KONA Electric 551

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