Snapchat wants to capitalize on e-commerce

A day apart, Snap announced two major e-commerce partnerships. In addition to allowing its users to experience Amazon products in augmented reality, the company will also integrate the BigCommerce platform.

Try virtual glasses for sale on Amazon

While the number of social media users is steadily increasing, reaching 363 million, Snapchat has seen the worst growth in its history during the third quarter of 2022. The company needs to generate more revenue and it appears that it sees e-commerce as a robust solution to this need.

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In this context, it has just announced a collaboration with Amazon that will allow Snapchat users to virtually try on eyewear from several popular brands such as Maui Jim, Persol, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar and others. ” Snapchat’s new proofing filters feature thousands of popular virtual glasses on Amazon, allowing Amazon brands to leverage augmented reality and showcase styles in a fun, interactive experience for millions of Snapchatters. Customers will be able to digitally explore, buy and try on thousands of eyewear styles directly on Snapchat and then seamlessly shop the Amazon store. “says Snap in a press release.

The two companies say the virtual eyewear trials are just the beginning of their partnership, suggesting more accessories may be available in the future. This is not the first time that Amazon has taken an interest in augmented reality in the e-commerce sector: “ Millions of customers regularly use Amazon’s augmented reality shopping technology across all categories of our stores, with eyeglasses virtual proofing being a longtime customer favorite. We’re excited to partner with Snapchat and further develop augmented reality shopping for fashion brands and today’s next generation of digital shoppers. said Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion.

For this partnership, Snapchat and Amazon ensure that if product prices change or an item is out of stock, this information will automatically update in real time on the social network.

The potential of augmented reality in the e-commerce sector

Snapchat sees augmented reality as the cornerstone of its future and is now taking into account its immense potential in the e-commerce sector. In fact, the downside of shopping online is that consumers can’t really see the item and get an idea of ​​what it really looks like. While currently quite limited in terms of the scalability and realism of virtual items, technology is constantly evolving and offers more and more opportunities in this area. According to Snapchat, 250 million of its users have used its VR shopping filters over 5 billion times.

A person uses Snapchat filters.

Snapchat wants to put its augmented reality filters to the benefit of brands. Photography:
Kajetan Sumila / Unsplash

Additionally, the platform has decided to focus more on this sector, recently rolling out new features to better appeal to retailers and brands. In particular, it integrated the possibility of updating information about products and prices in real time, accessing better analysis and creating shopping filters in augmented reality more easily. Other industry giants such as Walmart are taking advantage of this technology to let their customers try on clothes online before buying them.

Snapchat is also partnering with BigCommerce

In addition to its collaboration with Amazon, Snapchat has also entered into a deal with the BigCommerce platform. That way, US merchants will be able to integrate their store directly with Snapchat and sync their product catalogs there. They will also be able to create immersive advertising campaigns on the social network.

As a reminder, BigCommerce provides software-as-a-service services to retailers. By partnering with Snapchat, it will enable your customers to increase the return on their ad spend, as well as visualize and analyze how their campaigns are performing and ensure they achieve their goals.

Shopping on Snapchat is having fun and sharing with real friends, which Snapchatters say has four times more influence than celebrities or influencers on their purchasing decisions. With Snapchat reaching over 75% of Gen Z and Millennials in over 20 countries, this partnership with BigCommerce will help merchants of all sizes easily drive traffic and purchases from this valuable audience. With just a few clicks, merchants will now be able to sync their product catalogs to Snapchat, run ads, and get help from a Snapchat expert. Ultimately, we believe this will give traders a boost during the all-important shopping season. says Sid Malhotra, Snap’s senior director for small and medium businesses.

These two Snapchat ads demonstrate the direction the company is heading. Like other social networks, it wants to invest and capitalize on e-commerce, a sector that has been deeply disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic and that has become much more immersive and engaging. By using platforms like TikTok or Snapchat, brands are also looking to reach much younger customers whose consumption habits are more digitally oriented.

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